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The time has come for you to get out and help out others in need. Stop thinking that it is not your problem. Don't even think that others can do it. What if others believed the same thing? Where would we be then? In a lot less friendly, kind, happy, and clean place. Don't make everyone else do all the work. Every person makes a difference. You have to get involved or one day the world you remember could be gone.

Do not give excuses like "I'm not qualified" or "I don't have time," because chances are you are just too lazy to get off the couch. This doesn't mean you can't change. If not for yourself, do it as a contribution to others. This is a team effort, so show the world what you've got.

There is always something to do in every community. So give your all and get to work. You might be thinking, why should I do work on my free time for no pay? Because people need help.

Personally, community service makes me feel good. I know I'm helping someone out of the goodness of my heart. A lot of people say,"We are not just America's tomorrow; we are America's today." I believe that, but I also think that if we can make today just a little better, then tomorrow won't be that bad. fl

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i love this so much!


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