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   The Presidents' Summit was a great idea, stressing the major and positive goals of society. It let people know what needs to be done. However, many youths grow up the wrong way. These kids don't have mentors or family members to care for them. How many of those you see in the news who are criminals had parents or guardians who were there for them as children?

Many people in our country want to believe that our nation is tops, but what I see is a country full of murders, drugs, and filth. There isn't anything I hate more than to see on the news that an elderly person has been killed, robbed, or beaten. I know that this wasn't a major part of the Summit, but you have to admit that crime prevention is a necessary step for children to grow up with a good education and family. Our nation, in my opinion, is too lax on punishing crime.

Now, let me offer some solutions to this problem that will help set the goals of the Summit in motion. First of all, people who neglect or beat a child should spent plenty of time in jail. All towns should offer a Big Bother/Big Sister organization. Many people today don't do anything to help their town, which I believe is wrong. Schools should designate one day a year to help the community. Finally the nation should enforce stricter laws and punishments. If we as a nation can together accomplish these things, I will be able to say the Summit had meaning. fl

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