How Should Someone's Life End? MAG

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   Sometimes we start wondering how we are going to die and we worry about it.

Nobody would like to die lonely. Everybody would like to die happily and surrounded by the people that they love.

Two years ago, I did community service at a hospital for terminally ill people; it was mandatory, and I wasn't able to pick where to do my service.

We went every Saturday. At first, it was really hard, because you could see how these people were suffering at the end their lives, lonely and forgotten by their families. They had nobody to talk to, and you could see the happiness in their eyes when we came.

The hardest part was getting really close to someone and then the next time you went, you wouldn't see that person and discover that person was gone.

By the end of the year, and I had a lot of experiences. Some made me feel sad, but most of them made me feel happy and proud of myself because I helped many die feeling that they had someone who cared. Next year I decided to volunteer there, and many others did too.

I think that everyone should find out what helping other people is like. It is really challenging and nice, and it's something that you'll never forget. fl

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