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by Brandon S., Auburn, NY My mom always said that my little cousin looked up to me. I thought nothing of this until I recently began to tutor him in math. We try to get together at least once a week. School doesn't come easily for him, and I don't think he enjoys it all that much. In school I think it is difficult because the teacher has to focus on 20 students or so, and can't take a lot of time to spend with each person. With tutoring, my cousin's math skills are gradually improving. My tutoring helps him, not only because it is on a one-to-one basis, but because I am someone my cousin has always looked up to; the help means more coming from me. He is always excited to be tutored because that means he will be able to hang around with me for an hour or two.

The meaning of this article is not to make me sound like the greatest person in the world, but rather to tell my peers that younger people do look up to us. We play a big role in their lives, and if we spend time with a younger sibling or cousin it would really mean a lot. Teenagers should take an hour or two each week and spend time with a younger person. It would not only make them feel good but it would also make you feel good. You would be happy knowing you are affecting someone else's life in a big way.

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