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   What does the word "homeless" mean to you? Does it mean lousy, worthless or helpless? Not to me. To me it means someone less fortunate. Homeless people are still human beings. Many of them were once like us. They had friends, family and a home.

Every year, more and more people become homeless. Yet every year our economy grows. Very few help the homeless by physically working with them, or donating money. There are many places we could go to help, including school gatherings. You could go to shelters and hand out blankets. You could go to food drives and serve the hungry. You could even go with a group to a nearby city. There are so many things people can do.

Why do so few do anything? Many think, What can one person do to help the thousands of homeless? People don't understand what it means to the needy. The homeless people feel accepted into society when you help them. They feel wanted by those who are more fortunate than they. Most importantly they feel loved. Most take love for granted, but when you're homeless, you feel like a nobody. When we help them, they feel like a somebody. Homeless people NEED this feeling to help them strive to get out of the situation they are in and start over again.

If you would like to help the homeless, just call a local food bank or a hands-on program. Homeless people need your help. The only way they will get help is if you give some of your time and effort. You, personally, can make a difference, so go out there and do so.

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i love this so much!

on Jan. 6 2011 at 8:24 pm
fictionlover10 SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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This is good, would be even better if you added numbers to get in contact with food banks and such. Thanks for supporting community service!


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