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     My aunt's friend, Dawn, works at anursing home and once a month she and other staff put on aconcert for residents. Dawn asked if I would play my violin atone of the concerts. I wasn't too sure at first - I didn'tknow if I would be comfortable. My mom encouraged me and aftera while, I agreed.

A week before the concert, Ipracticed with the other musicians. Dawn played the guitar,Stan the piano, Christine the flute and vocals, and I playedthe violin. We were going to play 15 pieces and I was reallynervous. I didn't want them to think I wasn't good. I get verynervous when I play in front of people, and I was playing themusic for the first time. When we finished, they told me I haddone a good job, and were glad I was joining them.

Theday of the concert, I arrived a little early to run throughsome of the songs again. Then we transported residents to thechapel for the concert. There were quite a few people. As weplayed, I noticed how happy they looked. I realized thatsomething as simple as playing the violin can brightensomeone's day.

After that, I decided to volunteerregularly. I help the employees with activities for theresidents. We have card clubs, cooking classes and even holdbasketball tournaments. I used to think something like thiswould be boring and uncomfortable but I enjoy volunteering.They are all really nice people, and I have gotten close tosome of them.

After volunteering, I feel really goodabout myself. I know I helped make someone's day. Mostresidents just sit in their wheelchairs and watch television.When we do activities, it gives them a chance to do somethingfun and have a change of scenery. I can tell that just byplaying a game of cards, or baking a pie, they reallyappreciate it. Volunteers can definintely have a positiveimpact on lives.

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