Realization of a Goal MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

     He sits therein the corner
he doesn't know anyone
And has no place togo.
His clothes all faded and
Falling apart.
Hisshoes are covered,
covered with dirt, grass and mud.
Heholds a cup waving it slowly,
in a crowded street
hetries to get change.
As people who are strangers tohim
drop in
pennies, nickels, dimes or more
He speaksloudly and says
"God bless you."
As the daygoes by
and the blue sky turns dark,
the stars burningbrightly
and the moon full of light
helps him find hisway.
He finds a corner
in a run-down factory.
Hehuddles in the corner
for the winter's airis
surrounding him.
He shivers and trembles
as hethinks of his past.
He remembers having
a home, moneyand a family.
His eyes shut slowly as he fallsasleep.
He says to himself,
"One day is done,

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i love this so much!


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