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     I feel that I have made a difference by supportingmy school's Make-A-Difference Day drive. Two of my friends andI did more than bring in canned goods from home. We sentflyers asking for donations to people in the neighborhood whodidn't have school kids. We attached grocery bags to theflyers and gave them to 26 families explaining donations wereoptional.

The next week, my mom drove us around at 8:00a.m. We got some donations, but not many bags were out. So, wedecided to try again later in the day.

Later on, wewalked to a house we had forgotten to check. As we approachedit, we saw a bag that we thought was full of leaves. But, toour surprise, it had my name on it so we brought it to myhouse. Since we were tired, we decided to take my dad'stractor and wagon to get the bags from the other houses.Luckily we did because my friend was almost covered with allthe bags so many caring people haddonated.

     I never knew therewere so many people who cared about the homeless - 25 out ofthe 26 families donated food, clothing, blankets, sheets,towels, toiletries and many other wonderful things. I feelthat I made a difference by helping people know they are caredabout: like celebrating Christmas a tad early.

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i love this so much!


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