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     I work at a hospital once a week in the radiology department. What Ido primarily is file, but one day, not too long ago, I saw a little girl waiting to have an x-ray taken. Thewoman at the front desk started to talk to her. When the mother told us the little girl was afraid, everyonestarted talking to her. By the time she had to go in, the little girl was no longer afraid. When she came outshe had a huge smile on her face. We gave her four stickers for doing such a wonderful job and being brave.This whole incident really touched me - I never knew how loving and caring the staff were to patients goingin for x-rays.

Every Monday when I walk into the radiology department, all I see are smilingfaces. Lori is my boss and she always tries to give me exciting things to do. When I have to file she knowshow boring that is and tries to find me better work, although sometimes she is unsuccessful. When I don'tunderstand how something works, she is patient and explains it in the best way she can. Everyone in theoffice is nice and polite. They always smile and say "hello," even if they have no clue who I am.Even the hospital receptionist smiles at me. It makes a really big impact on my life when I see all thishappiness and politeness. It makes me want to do the same. I look at people differently and show morerespect for people I don't even know. I'm really glad I volunteer at the hospital because it's such awonderful, comfortable place to work.

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i love this so much!


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