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October 10, 2011
By samwisepotter BRONZE, Plainview, New York
samwisepotter BRONZE, Plainview, New York
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The after school group, or known as TAG, is where kids can meet after school and play games with kids who are diagnosed with Autism. The ages are from kindergarden to high school. Most kids go to the middle school TAG because the high school TAG just started since most of the kids graduated.
I have been apart of TAG since fifth grade and I am now I'm eighth grade. I have made lots of friends, both autistic and the kids who come to help.
In fifth grade, one of my friends took me down to the classroom for the TAG kids. They walked out and she said hi to each one of them. Then we started walking down, she called over one kid, and she introduced me to him, that day i never realized he would become my best friend, we talked as we walked down to the gym. We talked about boats, when we got down we took a handball and we played handball. That is how it all started, and we have been doing that for three years now. We would walk down to the gym and play handball or go outside and sit on the hill together. This year though, he moved up to the high school.
I have also made lots of other friends like him, my other best friend goes to my temple and we hang out all the time and it was all because of the TAG program. Ive also gone during the summer and after school. During the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting the little kids. I was the only peer there besides my sister. After school TAG is for very few students, we go up to the classroom and play on computers and have lots of fun.

I would suggest most people to find out if they have a program like that, or if they have kids diagnosed with autism at their school. People should get more involved with things like this, because these kids don't deserve to be treated like they are aliens, they didn't ask to be this way. TAG is a great program and every one should try doing things like it.

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