The Truth Behind My ER MAG

By Eddie E., Phoenix, AZ

     Ever wonder why it takes so long to see a doctor at the emergency room? I once thought it was a lack of doctors or the number of patients, but I was wrong.

I volunteer at a hospital and work hard at it. When I first started, I worked at the information desk. Before I knew it, I was promoted to ER. I got to go behind the scenes and witness some horrific events, but that came later, after I earned the staff's respect and trust.

The first problems for patients begins right with admission and registration. The staff in those departments often neglect the crucial rule "Do not disclose any patient's information." After patients leave, they'll joke about them based on stupid things like their clothes, race, ability to speak English, and, worst of all, their ability to pay or lack of insurance. Whatever happened to equal treatment? They treat the well-dressed patients better. It's sick.

Now for the doctors. If you have ever wondered why an ER wait can be so long, it's because the doctors often don't care at all! I've seen slow days with only one person waiting. You would think this patient would get in and out fast, but that's not the case. I've seen doctors socializing when they know patients are waiting; apparently so-and-so cheating on her husband is more important than the well-being of the patient. Also, it is vice versa - on really busy days, they sometimes use the "Let's just sit here and hope half of them go away" tactic.

I'm not trying to make a medical review that mimics "The Jungle," but I know that to some out there, I've answered their questions. I wonder what makes some hospital staff act like this. Maybe they've seen too much of the human body to care about it anymore? It might be that when they look at a person, they only see the flesh, and not what is inside.

In spite of the carelessness I've seen, I urge teenagers to volunteer at their local hospital. If doctors refuse to care, we will not.

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i love this so much!

on Dec. 6 2010 at 4:41 pm
Sydsmartt9 BRONZE, Duluth, Georgia
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I think that you have tried to sterotype doctors. I believe that every doctor cares about their  patients, but evey doctor does not show much emotion after those patients have left or passed away. Because if doctors did this, they would be messed up people, having to deal with the tradegy of death every day. I think this is an alright piece but I do not agree with most of what you have said.


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