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By Faith B., Phoenix, AZ

     While watching “E.R.,” I realized I was able to understand bits of the jargon in the dialogue. I was very excited with my new vocabulary and knew it never would have been possible without my decision to volunteer at the hospital.

There are many responsibilities for teen volunteers. People person? You can be there for patients waiting for surgery, or help at the information desk. Like babies? Some volunteers just help transport babies. Have a dog? Dog therapy involves people bringing their calm canine to visit patients. The patients love the company, and you are making someone’s day instead of just staying home and playing video games.

My volunteer job has not only been fun and made me feel like I’m helping people, but it’s also been educational. I work in an intensive care unit and help the nurses turn patients, clean, and help with inventory. Being around so many people who need medical help makes you truly appreciate your and your family’s health.

Not only are there benefits for you to grow as a person, but by volunteering at a hospital, you can experience the medical world. If you’re interested in entering this field, getting a sense of the environment is very important. If you find yourself bored, find out if there’s a volunteer opportunity in your community hospital - it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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