you can free us

May 17, 2011
By mademan BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
mademan BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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You can free us is an organization freeing women in India from prostitution. While India in March a group of women visited a place called Garstin Bastion Road. On this road there are over 4,500 sex workers living in 20 buildings with mutiple levels. This struck the hearts of the women who visited the road and made them desire to change something. They started the organization called you can free us which puts women into a safe house and gets them out of the slavery of prostitution. The way they do this is they establish relationships with the women and show them they can have a better life. Then they move the women into a separate house that is far away from the road. Then they teach them a trade which allows them to establish the work. The best part about this organization is that it is a Christian organization. Therefore the girls know that they are washed clean from their sins and that they have a savior that loves them. You can free us has changed many girls lives and is still in the process of changing lives.

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