Orphans in Need

April 30, 2011
Orphans Rescue Home is a small foundation started in 1988. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten much publicity due to its rural location. The kids at the home are fun, eager to learn, and grateful for the help and donations. In 2004, the orphanage was burned down due to poor electrical wires. Since then, the home that once supported 61 kids, can only support 15. The foundation provides, healthcare, education, food, clothing, shelter, and start up business loans since the time the kids start the program until they graduate from college. If more donation are not received within the next year, the orphanage will be forced to close and the dwindling number of kids will become zero. The kids that once found a home will lose the only family they have in this world and will have to live in poverty and destitute. As a way to raise awareness to this home and to give the kids a chance at life again, I wanted to write this article requesting you to help.

Please visit http://orphanrescuehome.webs.com/ and donate or volunteer at the facility. With you help, you can give a young child a chance at life that they lacked.

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priya1243 said...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 11:43 am
If you have helped this organization, please comment on the article and let me know.
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