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January 18, 2011
By ZombieAnnihilator BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ZombieAnnihilator BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“¡¿Que vamos hacer?! “ It was a question that we asked ourselves in our recent meeting of the National Hispanic Honor Society. I recently became part of the National Hispanic Honor Society, a group of Spanish honor students, at my high school in Phoenix. I would never have come up with an idea as the one my fellow member proposed. Since I usually did my community service at school, I have yet to experience an out of school community service opportunity. Well, let me just say that our group’s next project would be an expensive, and energetic experience.

Adopt a Family, unknown to me at that time, is a program in which groups buy food or materials for a family in need. However, we made sure that we could adopt a family in the holiday season, but I found out we usually do it during the holidays. Anyway, as I heard the news of our new exciting event, I sprang out of my seat like a cat pouncing on its prey with many questions. I questioned the president, in a hastily pace before the meeting’s end, for information on how we will finish this task. She only responded with a smile not a grin and muttered, “Just wait and see”.
Later that week, our group met up in a Wal-Mart filled with a plethora of holiday items that covered every inch of the building which usually means the holidays are running just around the corner. One turn I make “BAM!” I smashed into a red jolly face of a Santa statue; I can’t even avoid one thing that brought the holiday spirit. Our sponsor, who once was our Spanish teacher, brought us a list of a family’s needs and wants. Each of the members paired up and received a list of a person of the family. Fortunately, my partner and I received a list of a nine year old boy. The list contained a numerous of wants like coloring books, color pencils, and stuff animals. I thought to myself in a mild soft voice that this was a list of an innocent young boy in need. Unexpectedly, the list reminded me of my younger self. With these memorable thoughts, I filled my mind with the determination of acquiring the boy’s wishes. As soon as our teacher swung her arm down, our group sprinted into action.
One group went one way and we went the other. We started in the boy’s section for a new outfit for the little boy. Some blue jeans and some monkey shirts can definitely make a young boy’s clothes stand out. I took another glance at the list to reassure myself anything else was needed, and I find that this boy wanted toy cars for Christmas. I almost shed some tears as I, again, was flooded with memories of my younger self. With the list in hand, I shouted at my partner “let’s get some Hot Wheels man!” In a startled stare, he spoke in shivers “Okay man, let’s get those wheels.” On the way to the toy cars section, I spotted something that filled my face with joy. On a red couch next to a tree sat Santa Clause! His furry red coat and his snow like beard made me wonder if he is willing to take a picture with me. Not only did I take a picture with Santa Clause that day but I accomplished two boy wishes. I accomplished the wish list of the little boy and the wish of a boy, in other words me, who always wanted to take a picture with Santa. By the end of the day, our group bought enough gifts for the whole family. However, we weren’t done with helping the family.
The next the meeting came with a huge eagerness to continue on our service. We prepared the gifts to be given. The sounds of cutting, taping, scraping echoed all around the classroom. Wrapping paper covered the classroom’s floor, causing my partner a trip all the way to the floor. Meanwhile, I personally took care of the little boy’s gifts. I wrapped his presents like one of Santa’s helpers would. The suspense of seeing the boy open his gift made me rub my hands in excitement. Unfortunately, I will never see the boy opening his presents. This filled me with the blues. On the other hand, I looked at the bright side. A boy will obtain his Christmas wishes. Even though I never met the boy, I felt that he was my younger self who sometimes struggled during this time of year. Helping others always creates a special bond between the helper and the helped. However, participating in this event can’t even compare to the other service events that I participated in. This event created a new need for me to help the needy. I will gladly continue to participate with my group in future community service activities. And maybe one day I can create my own special organization to help the poor and needy.

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