Frowns Upside Down

January 18, 2011
By Narda Morales BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Narda Morales BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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It was going to be my first time ever to volunteer in a shelter. A friend told me it was going to be the best experience of my life. I could not wait to visit the Walkins Shelter in Phoenix. She told me I will not forget the smiles of the little kids I will be meeting.

When we arrived, we started unpacking the gallons of juice, the cakes, and the plastic cups and plates. We went inside and waited for more instructions to follow. We were told to unfold all the tables and place them in rows. Also, to take three of those long rectangular tables and place them in front of the room. Those were used to place the food we will be serving. Then we went into the kitchen to wash our hands, put on white aprons, and blue hair nets.

My teacher Mrs. Green started panicking because the food had not arrived yet. She called the company that was suppose to deliver the food and told her they were all ready on their way that they will be there any minute now. Just when she hung up, a car pulled up, and it was the food. We went out to help with the food. It smelled so good that my stomach started making grumbling noises because I was hungry. Too bad we can not eat the food because it was for the homeless people. We place the food on the three foldable tables. Then we were assigned positions. I received the job of serving the gravy with mushrooms. Some were assigned to serve the barbecue ribs and mashed potatoes. Others were assigned to serve the rolls of bread and mixed vegetables that were corn and peas. Another group was assigned to serve a piece of cake and beverages. If they were not going to serve food; they were going to help take plates of food to the tables. We were all ready to start serving, so they let the people come in.
They started arriving with brown old sack bags over their shoulders; others pushing a cart full of their personal things, like loose old pants, and torn up old shirts. They started placing their belongings on the tables and forming a line to start getting their food. The line was beginning to move, and I asked them if they wanted gravy. I asked this lady if she wanted gravy, and she said,” Yes please on my mashed potatoes.” I asked, “Is this enough or you want more? May I have more and with more mushrooms please? “, she said. She ended with saying thank you, and I replied your welcome and enjoy your meal. I felt something seeing them with their happy faces eating something really delicious. I started feeling happy inside. We clean a little and left the food in the table in case they wanted seconds.
Then we headed to another room to decorate it for the little kids. We came to the shelter not only to feed them, but to celebrate with the little kids Easter. We set up stations, so the little kids can rotate and have more attention from us. We were warn of the little kids done eating and they started arriving. We presented ourselves to them and told them we will be celebrating Easter with them. They started cheering and going to stations. The stations were face painting, bag decorating to put in candy, and bunny ears making. I helped the little kids decorate their bags. Then walked them to where they could get candy. What was interesting was before they came in they party most of them all ready had their pajamas on. I was thinking after the party they would be heading for bed. Anyways it was so emotional see the little kids having so much fun. With their big bright smiles I will never forget making me feel happy too.
Watching them with their happy smiles changed my life completely. Never had I experienced this touchy feeling before. Volunteer service is something I enjoy doing now. Because I know I am changing someone’s life and my own.

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