Plaid, Pink Scarf

January 18, 2011
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A mass amount of people are gathered around a gigantic pink and white bridge. "Runners on your marks, get, set boom!" A pink, wave of people take off to walk or run a three mile journey in hopes of destroying breast cancer. As I look around it becomes clear how many people are striving for a cure. How many people are hoping that breast cancer will vanish, and how many people are willing to go the distance to find it. I also look over to my left to see a beautiful, blue-eyed woman with a plaid pink scarf on her head. She flashes me a smile. Not just any smile, but a marvelous smile that was filled with joy and hope. She seemed to be so grateful and so proud that everyone was here. Out of the all people there she inspired me. She was fighting the battle and she was winning. Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in the United States. One in 33 women looses the battle, but is remembered and they drive the nation the find a cure.

As I began my tread it gave me time to think. I realized how important this event really was. These women are fighting a horrendous battle for their lives and events like “The Walk for Hope” really do give them hope. It made me feel kinda bad. I mean honestly how many times have a person with a scarf around there head walked by and a certain judgment came across. It was not intended, but a curiosity shifted over. One wonders their story, their history, and their future.
As I continued to walk I overheard a conversation of one couples story. The wife was fighting the battle. She has been for a few years. The husband then went into detail of how they had lost his mother-in-law to breast cancer and how she prayed one day that a cure would be found. I don't know why, but his story meant so much to me. They had been through so much tragedy due to this monstrous cancer. Yet he still had a gleam of hope in his eye. He reminded me of the blue-eyed women. Such tragedy struck their lives, but such sunshine gleamed through their eyes. Hope was still alive.

Half way through the march I was exhausted, but I knew there was no giving up. I was not about to stop. Determination was on my side. Racing for the cure became my goal. I thought to myself "this isn't too bad. I wonder why the entire nation isn't out here!" And just like that I really began to ponder this. It was a bomb, exploding in my head with a great idea! A walk of the nation. A tricky task I’ll admit, but I believe it would be worth it.
I drifted into a world where most of the state gathered into a 50 mile radius. Where everyone was p to get this march on the go. A huge pink banner would state “The Nations Race for the Cure" I smiled to myself because I knew that this would have a massive impact on the breast cancer community. Not only them, but also the entire community. Hopefully, they would become inspired that a small idea can become a big reality and more and more hope will sweep across the nation.

I completed my journey with a sense of accomplish. I knew that I had done a small part in hopes that a cure for breast cancer would be discovered and lives would be saved. I had come to the conclusion that life is too short to dwell upon the little things. There are things that are underappreciated, things that really matter and what really is important. I am going crazy with excitement! The next walk is coming up soon. As I began to walk to my car I took a look around. Our eyes met and I smiled at that beautiful blue-eyed woman with the pink plaid scarf.

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