My 'Lil Sister'

January 18, 2011
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Sitting in the front seat, with my hands on the steering wheel, I count the minutes till my digital clock strikes three. I send a text, “I’m here” with a reply back, “ok :)”. A few moments later the bell beckons freedom. Slowly, one by one and then hoards of kids ranging from pre-teen to teen rush out through the gates. Some jump into cars, stroll away with friends, or even zoom between cars on their skateboards. Blasting the radio even higher a thump, a rattle, and knock from the passenger door catches my attention. Outside was a short, smiling and half waving girl, my ‘lil sister’, Rocky.
As she settles in the seat, I back out slowly with some sudden stops. The kids outside probably do not understand the concept of not running in back of moving trucks. As I wait for their sluggish bodies to move, I catch up the days I missed not having Rocky over. Hearing the latest humorous drama or even the exciting news of getting a puppy makes my belly ache. Sometimes we fight over who would ask my mom “what’s for dinner” on the fact of who ‘braved’ asking the last time. By the final decision, we are free to move on with our dwindling day and go home.
We get to my house, and the first thing we do plan what we are going to do. Most days Rocky and I zoom to her house just to pick up her puppy to go to the Dog Park along with my dogs. On other days we change our clothes to go to the YMCA, to work out. But today, we decided just to stay home and relax. We usually play video games, talk, or even act like real sisters when we bug my older brother. Rocky has to be one of my best friends. But to me, she is like a real sister.
Every week since I first met Rocky, we would pick her up from her grandma’s house or her school to take her along to whatever family outings we go on. There were days when I cancelled my past plans just so we could hang out. All of my friends even complained that “Rocky practically lives with you!” just because she is at my house almost every day. Yet it’s true.
It has been nearly six years, since I first met Rocky. I remember the day when my mom came up to me asking if I would be willing to join the Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters here in Phoenix. At first I was hesitant and shy, but I agreed moments later. From what I was told, this organization places children from array of different backgrounds. Some kids don’t have homes or even families to begin with, so most children join Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters to have a surrogate family. Though I call her my little sister, the truth is she is a year older than me. When I met Rocky, I just turned eleven and she was about to turn twelve.
My relatives literally took in Rocky to our family. Every now and then, she has been over to holiday gatherings, letting her have the ‘normal’ experience of having a family. In Rocky’s case her mother never was part of her life until just recently and the only person involved in her life was her grandmother. Since she joined Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters, they gave her a new chance of having a loving family.
Being part of this club gave new light that anybody can become part of the family as long as you have an open heart to let someone in. So anyone who says that family is only by DNA, clearly they don’t understand the true meaning of a family union.

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