Smile So Sweet

January 18, 2011
By Wendy Castro BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Wendy Castro BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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When I first walked into Six Flags, I was dazed on how much stuff there was to do. People laughing, kids playing and older adults eating, it was a great time for all families. I and my friends waited in line, to ride on an atrocious roller coaster. While the people got off, a special little kid waved to me, and of course I waved back. The little kid had a grin that went ear to ear, which brightened up my day. Suddenly my friends looked at me then began to laugh. I thought to myself, they have absolutely no heart.

During the summer I started volunteering in a local hospital. Many faces checked in and out of the hospital for being so big. Yet there were those familiar faces I saw every time i volunteered. Most patients never had anyone visit them because they had no family or they lived very far. One day I asked if I could talk to one of the patients, and they gave me permission.

I walked through the doctor infested hallways and got to the patients door I always passed by. Suddenly when getting to the door everything became do silent, that I could hear the light breeze caressing the window. She looked at the door thinking it would be the usual doctor, but she saw a teenager she never seen before.

At first there was an awkward silence because she had never seen me before. Then she started smiling, which made me smile back.

I told her my name and that I was a volunteer. She said her name was Pam. She told me why she never had visits of her family, it was truly heart breaking. Her husband passed away, but none of her family lived in the state.

From that day on every time I volunteered I took her little presents and random hellos so she can feel the company of some one who cares. She started telling me little stories of old times, such as when she was young. The love stories about how her and her husband met. Each day she kept adding on to the story, which made my day even more interesting. The long beautiful days came to an end when it was my last day of volunteering. It was gloomy because she never finished her story, hopefully when I volunteer this year she finishes the fairy-tale.

This experience completely changed my career aspect. Helping people was the thing for me. Making people smile and feel better is heart warming. Even a simple hello can brighten up ones day.

In the future I plan to become a pediatrician to put smiles on the little ones who should not be feeling pain.

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