Comunity Service (nonfiction)

December 7, 2010
By 228@m BRONZE, Hewitt, New Jersey
228@m BRONZE, Hewitt, New Jersey
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In America thousands of teenagers are starting to do more community service. I know in my town,we are showing similar results. Personally I have always enjoyed participating in community service. It is always great to help others but I love seeing smiles appear on other people’s faces when I show up to help. I have done a lot of community service in the past few years because as a teenager I have a lot of spear time, and doing community service is only putting my time to a good use. Community service doesn’t only have to be something you sign up for. Helping shoveling snow from a neighbor’s driveway or helping someone bring in their groceries is also considered community service. These are only two examples of community service that I have done throughout the past few years.

I have participated in helping my town in many ways. Some things I have done were, helped to sell merchandise at town events, help a religion school for elementary children for a week over the summer (every summer), and many things I have done in Make a Change Club. Make A Change Club is a school club that I am a member of, with over 20 other students at my school. Our club does community service, fundraisers for charity’s and we write essays on what we do, because words matter as well as actions. Some things we have done so far this year was raise money for Breast Cancer, and promote recycling in our school. We are already planning to raise money for goats! Even though that’s not a normal fundraiser, were going to put our best effort towards raising money to buy goats. The goats will be sent to villages all around the world. In many country’s goats are very valuable, so we plan to raise as much money as possible to buy goats for the poor. I am looking forward to raising money for goats.
Another school club I am a member of is Peer Mediators. Peer Mediators are students who work with their peers to solve problems between other students. Sometimes when you get in a fight or argument with others you don’t always want to bring the problem to an adult because, the adult doesn’t understand what it’s like to be in our place, or fully understand the problem. When you take a problem to another student, it is much easier to work out when they understand the place you are in. I really love helping my peers solve their problems before they evolve into bigger situations, and helping restore friendships. I consider Peer Mediators community sevice because I am taking my time to help the students at my school stay happy and safe.
All in all, community service is not only fun and helpful, but you can inspire other kids in your area to do community service and help make a change in your community. I definitely look forward to doing more community service in the near future.

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