November 4, 2010
Homelessness spreads like a disease throughout the American continent; who it affects falls into no particular pattern and the outcome rarely has a positive effect. However, there are several ways in which the citizens of this modern society can reduce or temporarily alter the stronghold of homelessness. Homelessness is a cycle that requires dedication to break. Although citizens can weaken the cycle, it takes more than completing the basic forms of help to delete it from our society.

The most basic form of helping the homeless is indeed donating. This form of help can be seen as the easiest because donors can simply donate unneeded or unwanted items to different available projects and stores such as the Salvation Army. Through the cooperation of the donator as well as the program to which items are donated, victims of homelessness will receive items that can possibly improve their current state.

Another basic form of homeless relief is volunteering. However, volunteering is more difficult than donating because it requires participants to dedicate time from their daily lives for the advancement of another human. There are a variety of ways in which one can volunteer. Programs such as soup kitchens, shelters, and homeless centers are all simple, available ways to volunteer. Through these programs, volunteers are able to interact with the people who are receiving the benefits of their actions. Once completing the assignment set before them, volunteers should feel a sense of goodwill in response to the action they have just completed. Volunteering is indeed an act of goodwill that should be a goal in the will of any person who considers themself a “good” soul.

The last basic form of help for the homeless is indeed the most uncommon – respect. As a participant in the normal mainstream life of America, as a whole, society often fails to realize that those victimized by homelessness have feelings, too. The stereotype or widespread belief that homeless people “deserve” their situation is a false statement. NO ONE deserves to be homeless. There are several common causes of homelessness that are out of the control of the victim (i.e. natural disasters, job loss, poverty, domestic abuse, etc.). Although some victims do fail to better their situations, it often derives from a loss of hope. One can only push so far when pushing yields no result. Therefore, do not be judgmental. Homeless people should be respected as the better half of every American; therefore, do not belittle or mock because homelessness can affect anyone. Victims of homelessness should be treated as humans, not any more, or any less – every man was created equal.

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