Change i would make

October 29, 2010
By Anonymous

What would you do if you were all alone with nothing to eat, drink, or even have a roof over your head? Would you feel worse if you had a family or friends that are along with you without all that stuff? Or would you want some help? Would you need it? Well there are most people in that same exact situation that would love to need help for food water or some shelter was ever in that situation I would really need some help, That is why the change I want to make in the world is that I want to help the homeless in need of many things and are struggle. That is what I could do to be the change in the world.

There are many homeless in and a lot of people can make the same change as I can about that. There are people living with no food or water and living on the streets with just maybe the clothes on there back and a blanket. Many people can make the change for this like some can donate money towards homeless. We see people on the streets everyday and we need to help. There many Shelters and I could help out with a couple. Like F.U.S.I.O.N. and wellspring family service, I could volunteer at these homeless shelters. This would help them get out of there ways and hopefully get them off of the streets for a very long time.

Homeless live on streets and many die each year. If they sleep outside and they can die of cold or what else is outside. They can catch a sickness without being inside or not in a hospital. Many people that go without houses can freeze to death without any blankets or any heat so they will not be cold. They would probably catch hyperthermia and they could die by that. If they would catch any diseases from being outside than they have no medical help to get well again so they could die of this. There are many deaths per year because of being outside and not being healthy and not having the proper utilities.

I would hope to help these people by getting them off the streets and into a house. There are many possible ways of doing this. Many charities are donating to the homeless shelters and trying to make the change in the world that I am. People across the world have helped donate to the homeless but yet there are still millions and millions of them out there, we are either helping in the wrong way which is just helping them lout for a short period of time instead of a long period of time which would help them out with here life’s instead of there days. I think we should give them a home to live in till they can get a job and pay for there house or apartment and there food and water and clothes, I think this would help get them on there feet because they wouldn’t want to go back o being homeless.

Many people can help out this situation and I would like to be one of these people. We need a change in this world and I would like for this to be the change that we would make first. This is because we could help our fellow man that are in need of anything and have nothing. This is important to me because, I have seen homeless people an how they have lived and I would like to change what they go through.

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