Having A Kind Heart

October 28, 2010
By Ashleystar BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Ashleystar BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Life is like a blanket too short. You pull it up and your toes rebel, you yank it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night. ~Marion Howard

Imagine this, a little nine year old boy going to bed every night with an empty stomach. Every day he wakes up to nothing. He has no one but himself since his family has died from starvation. He works hard all day and gets very little sustenance in return. Wouldn’t you at least want some food to fill your stomach each day? We, who call this place home, could change the little amount of help that an African child receives, instead of going to bed with a full stomach. We could feed and set up food for people in need of great help. To change the world to a better view in my eyes, I can volunteer myself to people that are in need of help.

Feeding the homeless can reduce the percentage of starvation each year. There are about 3.5 million families homeless, and a large amounts of them die from starvation. If I feed the homeless I can reduce how many of them die. Therefore that would reduce the percentage of starvation. There are 12,679 living on the street, 23,566 living in emergency shelters, 12,862 living in transitional housing, and 16,257 living in permanent supportive housing. All of those homeless people need food for a chance at survival. Feeding the homeless is one important issue to notice, but you could also take a look to those starving children in Africa that are in need of great help.

Sending food to poor kids in Africa would affect their lives for the better. Each year six million poor children in Africa die from malnutrition before they even turn five years old. Id I send food to the children in Africa then I can reduce those six million kids that die each year from not enough food. One third of kids in Africa are under weight. Sending food to the one third of children that go to bed starving would change their lives. It would give them comfort and hope. As we help them in Africa we should check back to our own country, emergency food during a national disaster is a huge point to accompany.
Setting up emergency food during any national disaster would increase chances of survival. Food assistance programs have been running into challenges. As the big increase of cost of food and fuel made it dreadfully hard for food banks to keep their normal supply of food. Also doing that is benefiting more people stay alive. Therefore that would help chances of survival. Since 2008 cost of food went up 6.2 percent, the largest increase in 20 years. Food prices went up. That made it extremely hard for programs and people to assist with emergency food, therefore having more people die. If I help out with emergency food then that can increase people starving.

Trying to change the world with just little me could be quite difficult but if I just put myself out there for the people that are in need of help, then it could happen. Feed the homeless, sending food to poor African children, and helping set up emergency food are all important issues needed to do. Starting each project one by one then that would change the world by reducing the percentage of starvation each year, affecting little African children’s lives for the better, and helping chances of survival during any national disaster. Now tell me, if you could change the world would you? Or would you sit back and watch it turn into chaos. If that’s not something that sparks your attention, then think of all the homeless people dying each day because of starvation. Now if you were dying for help like all of these people are, wouldn’t you want someone to help you?

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