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October 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Many people might not realize this but music can make a powerful impact on the mind.
Music is capable of having different effects to our minds. These effects can relax us, encourage us, we even learn better under the influence of music.
These lines themselves show how dedicated Einstein was to music. His love of music was also known for helping him with his work!

What happens in the brain during the processing of music is that the brain produces a certain hormone called serotonin as a result of chemical reactions. These serotonin hormones create a “happy feeling” within the minds of people. Depending on the type of music, it can create a huge rise in the levels of serotonin as over 50 million brain cells are affected which increase the speed of the neurotransmitters.

Rumors regarding the infamous “Mozart effect” are well-known for causing people to believe that listening to classical music will enhance their IQ and thinking skills. Debates have been going on throughout society on whether it is valid or not. It began with a test that was done on a no. of test subjects which were exposed to different environments (silent, relaxation music and Mozart music). The results showed that the subjects performed better with Mozart music. However, there was a weakness in the reliability in the experiment as there was less no. of subjects during the tests.

In 2000, a researcher by the name of Christopher Chabris analyzed experiments done by previous researchers and concluded that there was no such thing as Mozart effect. He too had attempted the experiment as well with 714 subjects who has also analyzed all the studies of experiments by previous researchers and found no changes in the IQ due to Mozart music. He has concluded that there is no such thing as Mozart effect and it is simply due to an enjoyment in the music. Thus said, it has proven that the enjoyment of music has a great effect on the mind and the increase in IQ! By attempting different kinds of music, we might begin to have a liking to the music which can enhance our skills in activities. However, the type of music a person chooses is very important as some songs also have the potential to poison minds and lead them to be rebellious.

A lot of evidence throughout the years has shown that music is a stimulus that gives an enjoyable mood to the minds of the listeners. In the research work “Arousal, mood, and the Mozart effect. Psychological Science”, an experiment was done in which 2 different pieces were played and the individuals were asked to do tests. The first piece was a piece done by Mozart and the second one was a sad and slow piece. When the results were obtained, subjects performed better with the Mozart music. The subjects were then asked to do an enjoyment rating test on the music they listened to.

From the graphs, you can see there is a huge gap present in the results that were obtained.

A questionnaire was done on a group of 20 teens based on their interpretation of music.

As you can see, most teens are influenced by the effects that music is capable of bringing. The effects of music are so strong that nearly everyone’s behavior can change with the power of music. Based on this study, teens seem to have a preference to rock, pop and classical music. It means that most people have many preferences in life and that preference helps to be their catalyst. Try listening to these types of music and experience what they can do for you in your life. By exploring the different types of music in this world, it can give us the strength to try new things and to be motivated in many areas of our life.

Around the world, people have been changed by the inspiring sounds of music. “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” “Without music life would be a mistake.” “Music is what feelings sound like.” “Music can change the world because it can change people.” “It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony.”

Teens have expressed themselves and quoted the following about music:
“Music has allowed me to understand new aspects that I had never explored before”.
“Some music is good and some are bad, too. In my opinion, most music has really allowed me to think in the right direction.”
“My opinion about it is that it helps me get started in work and to be motivated to do it”

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