Community service

April 30, 2010

Over the summer I helped my Grandma Re-decorate her house. She asked me to help her do this because she is getting old and needs someone to help her do things around the house. So when my mom and I got there she asked us to take all the furniture out of the living room to paint the walls. First we scored the walls, which means we used a ball with one side with scoring blades to put holes in the wall. Second we sprayed the walls with a water and vinegar mixture so we could peel the wall paper
off. Then after we pulled it off, we scraped off the glue that held it on the wall so we wouldn't have bubbles. Lastly we painted the room a bright tan color then put back the furniture. For the rest of the help she needed we did the same thing to every wall in her house. We also put up a stove fan because she needed one. I helped her keep her pool clean by putting the chlorine in the pool and dropping the tablets into the pool after scooping up all the leaves. I helped my Grandma because I love her and she needs a lot of help before she retires. What I learned from this experience was that helping people is great (as my friends say) and that helping my grandma is good so she knows I care about her.

The author's comments:
Its was so awesome, I had to publish this to this web site.

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