A Utopian Society

April 13, 2010
By JP123 BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
JP123 BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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Imagine a world where peace was found at every location, and generosity was spread from neighbor to neighbor. All fighting stopped, and there was a silence to the air. A sense of common decency roamed from person to person; people holding doors for each other, complimenting them on the way they looked, and just saying hello. This is the sight that I can see for the future ahead of our generation. As long as people all around can work together and keep their minds set, we can achieve this world of peace and harmony.

Recently in my English class, we have been doing a project in philanthropy. This project has really opened my eyes to how such small things can make such a difference to people around the world. For my project, my partner and I chose to choose the topic of helping the elderly. Part of the project involved helping and participating in something physically to change something within our community, spreading the word about how we can all help each other to change the world. My partner and I volunteered at a nursing home, where my perspective of helping people changed. As we were helping one elderly woman, she said,” You make us a little more happier.” Astounded, I realized how much these people enjoyed our company, and how glad they were that we came.

Aside from this project in this unit of philanthropy, my class watched a movie called Pay it Forward. This movie really inspired and convinced me that there is a way for the idea of a perfect society, where there is no sense of selfishness, and everyone can help each other when in need, to work. The plot of the movie is based on an idea, created by the main character who was a child that thought of it for a social studies project, that if every person helped 3 other people every time they were helped, that it would continue going and cause a “snowball effect”. This means that the numbers of people helping each other would increase like a snowball, starting off little but eventually keeps rolling to become huge. This caught my mind because it is really possible and could happen in real life. As long as everyone keeps to the process of “paying it forward”, we could see a world transformed as a whole, towards generosity and nonviolence. These two things helped me realize how effective it is to help other people. Some may think that it’s just a little favor, yet in someone else’s eyes, it could transform their life.
When people hear of the word revolution, most may think a revolution in technology, or a war. Have you or anyone else thought about a revolution that changes the way we act in our everyday lives? Our English project was aimed towards helping people in our community. Perhaps a simple English project could not only transform the community, but to bigger and varied groups of civilizations, increasing to states, continents, and eventually the world, as the movie Pay it Forward did. If everyone could spread the word and keep up to their part, the world imagined as a perfect, utopian society could be the world of tomorrow. Then, I believe that our generation of today would be marked in history books as the people to transform for best revolution of all mankind.

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