Bavaria - only wearing traditional costumes?

March 31, 2010
By Bettina BRONZE, Buch Am Erlbach, Other
Bettina BRONZE, Buch Am Erlbach, Other
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Honestly, what do you think of us, the Germans? We are always on time? Well, let’s say some of us are on the tick every time but it’s not everyone. We do only eat rissoles with sauerkraut? Maybe we would, if you hadn’t brought McDonald’s to Europe! No, just kidding, we have a huge diversity on food. Some of us do only eat meat, the others only green stuff. I know being green and eating green is healthier but I’m the kind of person who loves meat. I would survive without but if you get, why not taking it?
I do not only live in Germany, I live in Bavaria and, like most of the people here, I’m very proud of it. Bavaria? Munich? Oktoberfest? Ah!! I’m pretty sure that most of you had seen pictures and videos about it, maybe some of you had already been there. The girls wear “Dirndl” and the boys a “Lederhosn”, our traditional costumes. One time, a friend told me the Americans think we wear these traditional costumes all the time. Yeah, for sure! I’m so in favour with the magazine they give me the opportunity to say: This is not true! At home, at school, at partys we wear normal clothes like you, French people, Britains, like every other teen in the world. But at public festivals, these “small Oktoberfests” in the villages and cities, we put on the traditional costumes. I think you only know about the Oktoberfest in Munich, which is the biggest in Bavaria, but there are so many tourists (all these Japanese girls with “Dirndls” way too short and their boyfriends with the cameras…). About 65 miles from Munich, there is another city called Straubing, where in August the second biggest public festival is. It’s not the biggest but surely the one with the most Bavarians! From April until September, all over Bavaria are these public festivals and the only instance where Bavarians wear traditional costumes. And we drink beer. Some of us too much. And please, don’t think we drink beer all the time! Maybe if we go out, maybe while watching a soccer match with friends or the festivals but not every day!
I hope some things are clearer now. Do you want to know what we think of you? Well… if you’re American, you are either fat or very slim. You only drive huge cars. And we think your election system is weird.

The author's comments:
I think, communication between the youth is really important, we are the future! Not everyone can spend money on travelling to other countries to affirm or confute prejudices, so I wrote this article. I also read German magazines where Americans or other teens tell what's true or false about their country, which I think is really good and useful for everybody! If you like my article, I will continue writing and tell you more about my country.

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