no fear of homeless

January 20, 2010
By brittney marshall BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
brittney marshall BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Handing out a twin pack out socks and a fruit bag, I smile at the homeless. They take the items trembling, scared that this may be a dream. I touch their shaky hand reassuring them that it is real. It felt like I spent 16 hours that day doing the same thing, so it became a part of me. It became such a natural ability to give a warming smile to the less fortunate. Volunteering at First Baptist Church in downtown Phoenix was a day I would never forget. As time went on I saw more and more twinkling eyes shyfully looking down on me. From time to time I would come across a person who would look like they needed a little cheering up. I would look up at them with my big sparkling smile and everything would be alright. I felt like the homeless’ pride would be as bright as a rainbow.

Volunteering to help the homeless felt like a life changing experience. It made me appreciate the life I have and how grateful I should be. Seeing people like that made me wonder how they ended up in that situation. When I see them I always want to help, but I know that I cannot. The only way I can afford to help is volunteering with handing out food and toiletries. Every little bit helps, so I tried to be as helpful as water is to a flower.

One day I was driving my mother and little sister to the store when my sister shouts in a snobby tone,” Eww! Look at that dirty person laying under the bridge!” As we arrived at the store, I pull my sister aside. I try to explain to her that we don’t know what tragic accident put them in that position. As I continued to explain, I realized that I used to be the same way. I always made fun of them because they were homeless. I had to come to realize the mistakes I made about that.

Volunteering to help the homeless is going to be a regular thing for me. Knowing that I will make a difference in someone’s life now warms my heart. Especially doing it with people I care about. It’s as fun as a teenager on a rollercoaster. I try to get as many of my friends as I can get to help. For all my inconsistencies, I hope I can help my sister become the person I am now. It won’t hurt to have my friends become that way either. Only time alone will tell.

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