Families Less Fortunate

January 20, 2010
By ACabreraWHS BRONZE, Youngtown, Arizona
ACabreraWHS BRONZE, Youngtown, Arizona
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Julie is a young girl with a tumor in her head. She has been hospitalized for some time and her family is very short on cash. They pay all their bills and are unable to give Julie the joy of Christmas. Sadly, Julie’s family is one of many who are unable to actually celebrate Christmas. Fortunately, doctors and nurses prepare for these types of disasters. Together they conjure up enough money to buy all the children presents. They also receive donations from many generous people. Each child is given at least two gifts, on top of what their families may bring them, no one is left out.

With their save up money some doctors and nurses go out and search for the gifts. The rest take home the toys and wrap them with others, and that’s where I come in. My aunt is a nurse at Banner Health Hospital and she has offered me to choice of helping her with the wrapping. I happily agreed, I love doing anything to make someone’s holiday season better. I enjoy making people happy and seeing how much little children appreciate everything they are given. The may be young, but they realize that times are hard and learn to take advantage of every moment.

As soon as all the presents are wrapped we wait until Christmas morning to set the presents under the tree. Like every child on Christmas morning, they all gather around the tree to see if they have anything. Shortly after every child is all around the tree, the nurses and doctors come in and hand out the toys. As each one smiled as they received their gifts, it was much better to see them open their gifts. They were as happy as a baby receiving a candy. Every one of their faces lit up and was glowing with joy. It is such a sensational feeling to see someone become so happy with something you have done. Times like this just show children if you just have faith, you will receive, somehow, the things you need.

Seeing children who go through such difficult times makes me cherish my life. It makes me realize there are people out there who have it so much worse than I do. I definitely see that there are people put there who have it rough. I plan to help out as many as I can and make life a little bit easier, and show them people actually care. I want to make a difference in others lives and eventually make a difference in the world.

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