Little House, Big Hearts

January 20, 2010
Driving around the city not knowing when we are going to stop kept me anxious. Once we stopped I peeked in front where I seen the beat up house ready to be renewed. We met the sweetest lady, Sunshine, who surprisingly lived in this house. I know you cannot judge a book by its cover but first impressions are important, which is why today we did a makeover to her house. After we greeted her we wasted no time painting and gardening to start our paint-a-thon.

We painted all four sides of her house. I loved painting because it seemed like a new face was on her house. It was such a struggle reaching to put paint on the top of the house but we managed to reach our goal. Even though another visit was necessary to do another layer it shined like a star. The color was corresponding to the sky which blended well with her house.

As I painted other members were gardening I was exhausted from head to toe. I have never landscaped before and I do not like it either. Trust me it is not my forte but knowing it was for Sunshine I did my best. I used different types of tools I ended up chopping everything I seen that was green. Sure enough her yard was like a botanical garden. Gardening is my favorite. I adore flowers, the scent of soil, and feeling it run through my fingers. We planted spontaneous flowers that gave her front yard a glow, even the bushes agreed. We made her yard look cleaner and brighter with all the crayola colors we added.

At the end of the day I would do it all again because she lived in that tiny house all by her lonesome and I know she would not have the time to do all we did. It felt relieving knowing Sunshine would wake up to a new house the next day. It touched me to help her the way we did because I love helping anyone with anything as long as I do something.

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