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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

One Word
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One of my best friends tried to commit suicide in the eighth grade. She came to school, with sweatpants, and bagged and overflowing eyes. We didn’t know why. Everything seemed fine. Online, is where the battlefield was, covered with hate and... (more »)
Don't let the Bully Win
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      Don’t let the Bully Win       Before technology, bullying was something that happened in school, on playgrounds or on the school bus. To get away from bullying, you would go home. But because of... (more »)
Bullied to Bully and Back
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Bullying Many problems come and go in American schools. Sometimes the focus is on healthier lunches are a drug free environment, but problems fizzle out after a while. However, bullying has been a problem since the beginning and it is still... (more »)
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 Imagine Imagine if bullying was no longer a thing. Imagine if we based our happiness not on our own self worth, but on building confidence in those around us. Imagine if instead of focusing on making ourselves better than everyone else, we... (more »)
The Fight Against Bullying
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Have you ever seen someone being so mean, and were too scared to stop it? People everyday, don’t really know what to say, because they don’t want to be the target. But if you stick up for what is right, we can indeed have a fight,... (more »)
Pop Quiz
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Name: ________________________ Date: ___________ Hour:________ Pop Quiz: True or false. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me.” True or false. “If you stand up for yourself, they’ll leave you alone.”... (more »)
Cold Days Gone
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      Cold Days Gone When I was a young girl, around the age of seven; I had a lot of problems making friends. I was never good at it. Infact, I was more of a punching bag than a friend to these kids. I had been going... (more »)
I Wasn't Alone
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When I was in second grade I couldn’t read. No matter how much I tried to get help, my teachers wouldn’t give it to me. They thought I was being a rebel, pretending I couldn’t read. I was often sent to the corner of the room where I sat... (more »)
Constrain Me
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Glass and iron bars hold me tightly inside this cage. I walk this tiny room and feel the longing tug for a hug, for a embrace. But I'm constrained within the walls of this tiny house, tiny room. This prison. I've been locked away from the world... (more »)
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“Oh, there’s that ghetto broke girl.”  Transferring to a high class school from a lower class school was like moving to a whole new world. I changed schools with less than three months left. People who knew where I came from would yell... (more »)
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Bullying... In a way bullying is like a river. It just keeps going and going and no one knows where it starts. They just watch from a spot on that river and wonder what they would do if they found it. Just like bullying, everyone watches it... (more »)
here i stand ready to jump
here i stand on top of a building. the unbearable pain lead me here. here i stand ready to jump. pain and agony fills my heart. here i stand ready to jump.  i get called a faggit, weorthless, and shitface. here i stand ready to jump. go kill... (more »)
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This year, my newly good friend Kasey moved schools to my school, Arrowhead. People move schools all the time, so I didn’t think of it as a big deal until I discovered why she switched. At her old school she was ridiculed and taunted daily.... (more »)
FLINTface Bullying Short Story
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Ever since I was young, I have been around the same size as other kids if not bigger, so I was never picked on for my size, but I couldn’t say the same for my little brother Dylan. Dylan  is 13-years-old now and he isn’t... (more »)
Bullying Haiku
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Are all the lies true? Or are they all a mean trick that’s meant to hurt me? Sad and all alone  Hurting, and waiting for help from someone who cares.  A friend sees me sad Helps me talk to a teacher the bullying ends! (more »)
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I have a confession. I am a bully. When you think about it, everyone is. Have you ever called someone names? Or teased them? Or judged them? I don’t try to be a bully...sometimes it just happens. When you are walking through the school... (more »)
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