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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

7 Steps to Get Clean from Self Harm
By , Maplewood, MO
Step one: Understand that you need help, that you are addicted, and most importantly, that you can get out. Step two: Get a support group, people that don’t do any form of self harm (drug abuse and alcoholism are a form of self harm).... (more »)
By , Holland, MI
I feel like I'm knocking on doors that are never going to open I keep following the same pattern and retracing the same steps sadly knowing that there's no way no path for me that's already been arranged. I'm walking thru a forest of regret,... (more »)
Why Are They So Mean?
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Gertrude is always at my bus stop. She lives right next door.  She moved here about 6 months ago and We soon found out that Gertrude’s family (her mom and younger brother and sister) had moved in with our neighbors who were their cousins. I... (more »)
Racism in Teens
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Imprisoned, Held Back, Disabled, Crippled is how many of the “colored”  people feel when they're told they can't do something because they are too “ghetto” or because they are simply black. A lot of them... (more »)
You Are Valued and You Matter!
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Bullying-one word that can take away someone's life. Take a moment and ask yourself this question,'Am I the victim,the bully,or the bystander that doesn't want to get involved.' People used to think of bullies as people who beat up the nerdy... (more »)
I Hated Myself
I remember as if it was yesterday. Children laughing at me due to my differences. Children staring at me. Children making fun of me. Those memories will never fade from my mind, I question myself sometimes, I always wonder why I’ve never... (more »)
Being Yourself
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It's hard being yourslef in a world so full of judgement. We want everyone to like us, so we conform to meet the standards set by society. We completely strip ourselves of our identity, leaving us Bare. Vulnerable. Weak. We soon become... (more »)
The Worst
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How long will it take for her to finally break? All those insults just tearing her down. “It’s just a joke” they say not knowing how serious she takes these jokes. When will they end? When will they quit? It’s every day and these... (more »)
The "Cyber-Problem"
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You get home and you’re in a good mood. Everything went perfectly today. You turn on your computer to see there are some posts on your Facebook page. When you look at them, you lose your good mood. Cyberbullying is a common problem spoken... (more »)
Fresh Meat
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I've grown too much to back down now... I'm a seventeen year old target. I'm shot at heavily from all sides, forced to duck and find cover behind the walls I've built to keep the bullies away. The strange truth behind this? They used to be... (more »)
Between the Lines
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What is bullying? Words, or actions that hurt people? Bullying has evolved over the years, more than most people know. It wasn’t too long ago that words spread over the internet were seen as a form of bullying. Bullying is seen... (more »)
It Is Not Easy Being Equal
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Do you know what it is like getting picked on, or being targeted by a bully? Well it’s hard, forcing yourself to wake up and go to school every day knowing that the bullying is just going to get worse. From experience, I know what it’s like... (more »)
Negro to Niqqa
By , escondido, CA
Listen, listen, listen Linda.  Isn't it so funny how much times have changed?  Is it just me or have we taken a giant step backwards in the progress, the sufferage, and dying love our ancesors gave to us?  I'm... (more »)
The Weight of Peer Pressure
Everyone has experienced this difficulty more than once in their lifetime. Peer Pressure. Unfortunately it’s not something we can all hide from. So what do you do when the event presence itself? Do you say no or just give in?... (more »)
Beat the Bully
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Bullying. What's up with that? Every year the number of people getting bullied in school and online increases more and more. This has long-term effects on a teenager's school years and social life. School staff, parents of students, and other... (more »)
Why Is It So Hard?
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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have the "popular appearance"? Or is that just me? sometimes I feel like im being hated for who I truly am, when in fact im no more greater than what I wish to be. Everyday in my classes I... (more »)
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