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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

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I have never understood the reasons why people have to treat people the way they do. They expect people to treat them with respect, but then that person goes out and disrespects other people. Why? Why should you should you get treated with... (more »)
The Study of Mean Girls
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Mean girls are not the typical kind of girl, they have an immense power. They are able to manipulate  their victim while being trustworthy. Mean girls are not what they used to be like, they are not your typical power-hungry ambitious... (more »)
Cyberbullying Editorial
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Cyber bullying like many others is a form of bullying but which has taken place online. In the past few years many states and lawmakers have created laws against bullying, cyber bullying, and any other form of bullying. For the ones who do not... (more »)
Let Your Imagination Fly
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Imagination. What a vague topic. A strange voice in our head that does nothing but narrate our lives, as if it’s reading a story. It can be a scary thing. It’s like this little person in your head that you can’t control. You... (more »)
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I've seen it live in action. Right there in front of me. Did I do anything to stop it? Did I stand up for the innocent person being picked on? No. And to this day, its one of the worst choices I've ever made.   I've never been bullied. I... (more »)
Bullying: Cause and Effect
By , Crested Butte, CO
You may ask how big of a problem teen bullying is in the United States. First, Some people think the problem is not severe enough to take initiative. Second, bullies tend to pick on people based on only their cover. In my opinion peer... (more »)
Days of Judgement
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Have you ever thought about what others go through? Have you ever wondered who they really are? Now that I’m at this point in my life where everything is moving away from me like years passing I can somewhat answer these questions. I can... (more »)
Little Voices
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 They are not seen. And yet, they are there. Always. They sound like tiny bells, always chiming in to a situation. The start with a simple 'no'. Then quickly, they escalate to 'why are you doing this' or 'you should... (more »)
Labeled Alone
By , Somewhere, AR
Yes, I am that freaky girl that sits alone and never has friends anymore. Yes, I put my makeup on twice a day, one of those times being in the middle of seventh period. Yes, I wear a lot of bracelets and I’m hard to explain. You... (more »)
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Needs your voice
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It’s not funny, it’s not cute, and it’s not doing you any good if you victimize in bullying you need to stop. That girl who was always quiet and never said anything when they called her names and you never said anything for her. Bullying... (more »)
By , Elgin, TX
You see a kid getting bullied. You think to yourself "hey, that's mean, someone should stop him." But you continue walking. Did your thoughts make that bully stop? Or would have it been better to say something to the bully? What... (more »)
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Message To My Dearest, Most Wonderful, Haters
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“Do you know what I find funny? The fact that you though that your devilish grin, your mocking smile, your deep animosity would somehow even the slightest bit hinder my progress. Heh, even thinking about it, for a split second is a waste... (more »)
Cyberbullying Prevention
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This is a response to “Meet Facebook’s Mr. Nice: At Facebook, Creating Empathy Among Cyberbullying” by Nick Bilton, and “Social Networking Sites Cannot Be Blamed For Bullying” by Kate Harding.   Life in the 21st Century can often... (more »)
We Are All The Same
By , westfield, MA
I know this is something that everyone finds boring and annoying to talk about, but please. Stop and listen. This is very important. No matter how unimportant it may seem to you, just listen.   I have been bullied before,... (more »)
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Bullying is defined as the act of torturing people who appear to be weak in the eyes of many but to me i wonder why bully. Bullying mostly exist in high schools and some private college,and is sometimes over looked cause of the parties involved... (more »)
Is It Worth It?
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Dear.. No let me rephrase that.  Bullies,  You see that girl with the scars all over her skinny arms and meatless body? You see the boy sneaking into the bathroom with his hand balled into a fist? That small girl that you... (more »)
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