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Here are the most recent bullying articles:

Body Shaming: The Skinny Stance
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When reading "Body shaming:The skinny stance" by Nandini K., I realized that body shaming isn't always towards bigger people. Everybody gets critiized by something that people don't see as "Body goals" and soon... (more »)
Expecto Patronum! : How to Fend Off Bullying
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As all Harry Potter fans know, Expecto Patronum is the spell that conjures a guardian out of happiness to ward off dementors (demons who suck the joy out of people). But what all Harry Potter fans may not know, is that the dementor situation... (more »)
Her Smile
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Her smile was made up of all of the lies she had ever told.    The I'm okay.  The I'm just tired.  The Oh, don't worry about it.  The I'll be fine.    They were lies. Inside, she was falling apart. Those words they had... (more »)
When You Don't Look Behind You
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In life, there are always going to be those people who you think of as real friends... until one day, all of a sudden, they're not.   Maybe they just stop talking to you, or maybe they ignore you. Or maybe they even spread rumors about you.... (more »)
My Friend
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My friend,    All I can do is thank you for making me the person I am today. Thank you for walking into my laugh and staying in it to this day. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today; I wouldn't be experienced with serious situations... (more »)
Behind Her Smile
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Do you see that girl over there? Yeah, she's smiling. But behind that smile, she's falling apart. She's been promised forever, but was only a few months. She's been sworn love, which turned into hate. She was told so many... (more »)
Bullying Should Be Stopped
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Bullying should be stopped. This issue has been an exceeding problem and its about time to make it stop, either its physical bullying or cyberbullying, it's still bullying. This has been a huge problem among people and putting an end to it will... (more »)
Do You Know How It Feels?
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Do you know how it feels? To walk through the halls and feel everyone's eyes on you, hearing the whispers with your name included? Do you know how it feels to be shoved away when you go to hang with your click? To hear the harsh words... (more »)
Why Being Gay Is Different This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I remember sitting in my Health Class. I remember the weather: 72 degrees, partly sunny, the kind of days that we love in the Midwest after long winters. We were talking about sex, and I remember just waiting and hoping they would cover me.... (more »)
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Impact of Technology
By , Wilbraham, MA
Technology is a great advantage to society, yet when people use technology to bring others down it is the biggest disadvantage to the population. Many technological advancements have allowed for Americans to maliciously attack one another; in... (more »)
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Hazing laws should be enforced in all states. Hazing is the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation. Its often about having power and control. 1.5 million high... (more »)
Cyber Bullying Is a Problem
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With more people having a phone and more people using social media the more people are cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is when you bullying on the internet and Cyber bullying is mostly done on social media. Phones, social media and the... (more »)
Bully Free Zone
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There is bullying going on all over the world, but we are leading that unnecessary act. Yes you heard that right, the United States has the most impact towards bullying. Bullying has been going on since the longest. There are so many different... (more »)
Teaching Bully
By , milford, IN
As students we are told, if bullied, tell the teacher. If another student is bullying us, relentlessly attacking us verbally or physically, tell the teacher. And if the student’s behaviors persist, tell the teacher, talk to the councilor. But... (more »)
Here I Am
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I sit here today, writing to you for one purpose only. But, as you could see from societies viewpoint... One purpose, could simply branch into ten, twenty, thirty, perhaps even a hundred different issues. Do you understand what the tears in... (more »)
Bullying Between Adolescents
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Adolescence can be an unsettling time, with many physical, emotional, psychological, and social changes. Bullying is a serious problem that can cause constant feeling of sadness, social problems, emotional problems, and even death. Emotional,... (more »)
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