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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

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Verse 1: When they kick you down. Just get back up. Even if they tell you to shut up. You gotta stand in command. Be ready for where their punch might land. Or it'll be your face in the sand. We are… (Chorus) Fighters.... (more »)
Victim or Hero
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I've been the one who was always a victim to the bullies,but a hero to some of my friends.Most of my friends along with myself have cut.I'm from a group full of outcast.We all have suffered through depression and fought battles that none... (more »)
Dear Bystander, Bully, Victim and Parents
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Oh look at that girl over there. Who the one in the purple shirt and that nappy A** hair. Yeah her. Lets mess with her. Hey where you think you going? I asked you a question. A girl is by her locker and just watching the 4 girls pick on that 1... (more »)
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Despair. Just like the dark, despair is the absence of something vital. One feels despair when there is a lack of hope. Human curiosity sparked hope. When Pandora opened the pox she d***ed humanity by unleashing hatred and jealousy, disease and... (more »)
On The Inside
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Date Made: July 1st 2014: Lyrics: Verse 1: I've hidden it so well. And no one can even tell. The wounds of which I carry. Are so Deep, so deep At night, I really can't sleep, can't sleep. I feel trapped inside a... (more »)
Think Before You Act
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I grab you and hold you, tie you up and pin you down. I hold the gun and fired the shot, you scream in horror. You watch as the person you bullied dies in front of you by a shot fired by their own hand. You scream in horrific silence. By your... (more »)
My Story
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In the sixth grade I was bullied, constantly. The kids may not have realized what they were doing and in fact nether did I. It was my first year at a public school and I was terrified. I thought people were my friends but they hated me. People... (more »)
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Bullying is a problem few know how to solve. People say that things can change. If we teach kids they'll realize what they’re doing is wrong. The truth is people do not learn through teaching. They learn through experience. If someone dies... (more »)
Never let people get to you
Bullying is nothing new to anyone but it is defiantly a growing problem in our society. There have been more and more kids getting bullied and they all end up committing suicide because of them being made fun of and getting picked on. It is sad... (more »)
Bullying and November
Hi. All of you heard the term bullying right. Well there are many ways to interpret bullying. And so I want to say bullying is the worst that I see happen on a daily basis and I am tired if seeing it and wondering how to stop it on my own all... (more »)
A School No Longer Safe: School Violence in...
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"I'm scared to go to school. He's smart and everyone likes him. I am not popular and don't do well in school, so who would listen to me? I've been getting nightmares everyday. I would rather die than go to school. I wanted... (more »)
My Own Little World
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My own little world has everything I want. It's my escape from reality. It has everything I can imagine. If I don't like something, I can change it. If something doesn't line up, I can ignore it. If I want to abandon it, I can. It... (more »)
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For Abigail This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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I think it best to set the record straight from the start: in elementary school, I was a bully. There are many types of bullies. For starters, there are the Big, Bored Bullies – the junkyard dogs of the bullying spectrum – kids who learned... (more »)
Bulletproof: Message Against Bullying
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-BULLETPROOF- MESSAGE AGAINST BULLYING IF YOU ARE BULLETPROOF YOU ARE INVINCIBLE People say that being bulletproof is impossible. When the bullet comes, it hits you, and there is no escaping it. Well, the truth is, you can... (more »)
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Summer is upon us and, along with the season of popsicles and sun, comes what has been dubbed the “swimsuit season.” Many girls find themselves panicking over the thought of donning a bathing suit and heading to the pool or beach under the... (more »)
Just Stop!
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Tired of the stress. Tired of the pain Tired of all my tears. Don't you see that I just don't care about your little game of telephone. Pick on me. hmm. Why me? Because I am quiet? Because I do my work? Because you don't like me?... (more »)
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