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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

The Bully
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Do you know what a bully looks like? I can tell you. – There is no certain shape, size, color. It can be anybody… If someone is putting you down to feel good about themselves that’s a bully. When they call you names... (more »)
Bullying: The Truth
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Bullying is a predominant part of society among teens. Over 30% of US students in grades six through ten are involved in school bullying in one way or another. The bullying statistics among teens are higher than ever. It is shocking to see how... (more »)
The Unspoken Heroes
     Kids can be mean. They can tear you down until you can’t rebuild yourself. They can cause you to cry, to be scared, to be angry. The ones you walk the hall with can make you feel bad in your own skin.They can be... (more »)
How My School Can Stop Bullying
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Teachers don’t see it, but there’s always some conflict going on around the hallways of my school whether it’s verbal or physical. A teacher could be standing at the end of a hallway and there would be 2 people arguing about... (more »)
By , Henrico, VA
There was a time in my life when it wasn’t all smiles and happiness. It was a storm, a really bad one. A one that was so mean and vicious that it could not be tamed. It all started at a new school, it didn’t have a good reputation at... (more »)
Resolving Bullying
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IT's common, but all too easy. Devious, micheivious, and in secret. At times, it can be considered a wrongdoing, or a simple act of misjudgemnet. Mistaken, bewildered, and one running straight through the wall. A common misconception can be... (more »)
Bullying Prevention
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     A cyber attack on a local high school leaves students crying. The attack, however, was launched from the inside--from the lunchroom. The attack was a written attack directed at others through a social media app called Yic... (more »)
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No Title
By , Hartland, WI
I know how it feels to be bullied. I’ve been bullied for years to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and wanted a way out. I like being odd, but I shouldn't be put down for it. I would wear all black and have a punk look,... (more »)
Brewers Anti-Bullying
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Bullying is a prevalent  topic that is an issue in most schools around the world today. Schools are coming up with ways to deplete bullying. Being bullied, I know how hard it is to feel alone. When students are aware of this issue... (more »)
You've Got a Friend
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The boy’s attention shifts to her arm, where he notices scarlet, horizontal lines resting on her delicate skin. In hopes of impressing fellow students, a clichéd tormentor would be quick to spread the news about the girl who slits... (more »)
One Team
On November 5th, 2014, with no surprise, my school was on the news. This time it wasn’t because the football team won state or because they were getting another renovation; this time, it was because BULLYING took place. Arrowhead... (more »)
I Am Who I Am
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11 years. 132 months. 4,018 days. More than a decade ago, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I went from being a normal seven year-old girl, who played with her neighbors, to a child who learned quickly how to deal with change. Six blood... (more »)
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The Controversy of Bullying
One hundred percent of children are touched by bullying whether they are victims, perpetrators, or bystanders. Attitudes about bullying can change; however, being informed does not aid the victims that just want the bullying and trauma to stop.... (more »)
Bullying at My School
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Be Appropriate. Be Respectful. And Be Responsible. Three simple rules that must be followed by all students and staff here at Arrowhead High School. My school has a low tolerance for bullying and I know this first hand. During the school... (more »)
Make a Change
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There has been many steps taken to prevent bullying, but is it really making a diffrence?. I was watching disney channel with my neice (aboviously forced) and the commercial for bully came up. It seems everyone wants to stop it, but does it... (more »)
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My friend, Adrian joined Best Buddies this year and met our new squad member, Marvin. Marvin has a certain cognitive disability. Best Buddies is a club where kids with disabilities get a friend that they can do activities with. Best Buddies... (more »)
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