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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

Why Does Bullying Happen?
By , Rancho cordova, CA
Bullying is present because of the humans own genes, certain humans are made to be brutish and rogue. We humans have more flaws than any of us would admit, i am a current middle school student and i have a better understanding of human psycology... (more »)
We Blame The Bullies, Not The Bystanders
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  Bullying. You see it and recognize it every day. Does anyone ever actually step in? I think we would all know that answer. Only some do. I can say truthfully that it’s hard to intervene in something like that. Am I right? You only look out... (more »)
Mean Girl Culture
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     Girls. They might seem innocent and sweet at first, but they have a stealthy manipulative side to that can be very ugly. This devious behavior, or I should say, culture among females is extremely prevalent in high schools, some more so... (more »)
I Made It
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This week is National Suicide Awareness Week, and I’m living proof that awareness matters. It was my sophomore year of high school, and I was miserable. Although I was surrounded with a community of loving and caring people, I couldn’t... (more »)
I Can Call You Human
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Don't cry and run away when it's time for you to feel. Don't close your eyes and hurt yourself when someones always been there. Open those eyes, sweet human just like me. I'll take your hand and help you stay as long as you can breathe. Think... (more »)
A Journey Through The Years
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A Journey Through the Years The first time I was bullied was when I moved from Fremont to Woodville. Even when I went to Fremont schools I was never popular. I was an outsider. I was okay with that, but then this other life got thrown in my... (more »)
The Master's Puppet
By , Collierville, TN
            Sitting in my room at nine o’clock at night, groggy and about to fall asleep, I got a text from him, again. So, I picked up the phone and started texting back. He was so sweet at first; we would have these nice, light... (more »)
Am I really human?
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Something tells me to stop, something tells me to pray. Duck my head into my knees and wish to see another day. But instead I cling onto the only thing that gives me hope. Not a good hope, but one that helps me stay. I'd never expect anyone to... (more »)
The Gun Is Loaded
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It happened again. A 15 year old girl committed suicide today; hung herself in the bathroom at her school. And this is just another “unfortunate event” to everyone. A couple girls at my work tested my patience for ignorance. They laughed... (more »)
Black Bird Sings
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Stage is set up like a classroom. Black Bird: Sorry I am late… Teacher: Class, we have a new student joining our choir today. I would like you all to welcome our newest addition, Black Bird! Now, honey, would you like to sing a song for us?... (more »)
Project Inner Beautry
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??Guys always complain about girls that wear extensions, colored contacts, fake eyelashes, and make-up. But the thing is, they fail to realize that they are the ones who encourage us to do exactly these things. We blame it on the media, but if we... (more »)
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Roasting Flies with Frogs
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Characters: 1 Star Bellied Frog 2 Star Bellied Frog 3 Star Bellied Frog 1 Plain Bellied Frog 2 Plain Bellied Frog 3 Plain Bellied Frog William (Wilma) the Wily Wizard Setting: Star Bellied Frogs are leaping around on lily pads. 1 SBF:... (more »)
Ranting About Bullies
By , Worcester, MA
I was always bullied. It was a struggle that I had. It started in school; that was actual bullying. Calling me names and such. It made me start to hurt myself. I was only in elementary school. Then 'they' came. 'They' being,... (more »)
Your Words
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I want to call something exceedingly important to everyone’s attention. Recently I’ve noticed that many people feel that the things they say to others has little to no impact. I want to make it known that your words have much more power than... (more »)
"Mean Girls" Isn't Just A Movie
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Mean girls- you’ve seen them in films, you’ve heard songs written about them on the radio, and chances are you’ve either been victimized by one, been a bystander of one of their attacks, or had the title of “Mean Girl” yourself. These... (more »)
To Those Who Suffer the Same
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"Why do you do this to yourself?" He mumbled, brushing the hair off her neck and wincing as he found yet more harmful words that meant everything to her but seemed harmless to anyone who didn't know. She coward back against the... (more »)
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