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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

The Girl Who Was
By , New Canada, ME
For the millionth time, I am alone. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I just got back with the slightest hope that they might let me participate. That hope, that little sliver of light, has been extinguished. I want to play, they say... (more »)
The Way You Did Things
By , New Canada, ME
You walk around with your head held low, staring everyone down with your eyes, a bottomless pit. Around me, you act like you never do anything, like you always listen to the angel on your right shoulder. But I always knew, and I always will... (more »)
Do Something
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People get treated how they don't want to be treated everyday, it's not their fault that at the end of the day they start blaming themselves for not stopping what people say could be stopped. Bullying has become a problem that we think... (more »)
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Human Interaction as Illustrated by "The...
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What is the true portrayal of the essence of human emotion and sin? The poem “The Cold Within” is that true portrayal that humans have been pondering on for years.      Firstly, for me, this poem... (more »)
I Learned
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I sat beside those girls, those glossy city girls.  Me, the country girl from a farm somewhere far north.  I sat and they wished I didn’t sit by them. They didn’t know me. Maybe my hair smelled like hay.  Maybe I... (more »)
That Teacher
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I know how it feels to be bullied. I agree it feels like the world has ended and you wanna die. But frankly speaking my experience with this teacher has changed my opinion towards life. Its generally heard that school mates or senior students... (more »)
Silent Screams for Help
By , Temecula, CA
I've never been very good at writing about myself, but this is a subject that needs addressing. It started as stupid names the other kids would call me, but with time it became so much worse. At the age of nine, I was being actively bullied... (more »)
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Statistics say that almost half of teens have suffered or been a part of online bullying. Most of the bullies have insecurities of their own that they don’t know how to cope with, so they take it out on other people. It can be insulting... (more »)
Too Much Impact
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I logged into my Instagram, and glanced at my newest notification, expecting a like, follow, or comment. My notification, as expected, was a comment, not on my post, nor on someone's I had commented on-instead, I had been tagged. One Instagram... (more »)
An Open Letter to the Girl Who Bullied Me
By , Champaign, IL
An open letter to the girl who bullied me, Hey. It’s me. I’m sure you weren’t expecting to hear from me, but here I am, writing a letter to you. I can’t even tell you how many times I came home from school crying because you said... (more »)
Remember Meme: Life After Internet Fame
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You may recognize me from my photo that was turned into a cruel meme. In January of 2015, a friend of mine who runs a makeup Instagram account asked to do my makeup. I was having an allergic reaction to Benzyl Peroxide at the time and I knew I... (more »)
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“Only 15-30% of people consider themselves an upstander” (Bullying and Cyberbullying).  An upstander is a person who sees an injustice, or something morally wrong, and they act positively to correct the issue. Not only can you... (more »)
Points of view
By , Yorktown, VA
             Bullying is horrible for everyone involved in it. Usually, people think of the bully as someone evil with no feelings. Although sometimes it is outside forces that are controlling the bully's actions.... (more »)
In Pursuit of Loving Myself
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Standing in front of a place I abhor,I look up at the person staring at me.I am talking about the mirror and the person is no other than my own ghastly reflection. A face covered with scars,crooked nose,fatty frame,in short an awful... (more »)
Shia LaBeouf Shamelessly Slams LGBT Show...
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Well the crazy kid is at it again! Shia Labeouf has once again started acting out, this time I think he may be over his head in hot water! He publicly posted a rant in the review section of the new Amazon series ‘Back Stabber’... (more »)
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The Problem Is the Bullies
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Bullying has been a problem around everywhere but mostly school. Even though some don’t consider bullying a big deal, it really is. In many cases it has led to those being bullied committing suicide. The fact that they the victims... (more »)
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