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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

Stop while you have the chance
You can make a deference. There are so many people who go through the same thing everyday, bullying. whether it is in person or on the internet. There are so many poeple that can halp you make a difference all it starts with is "i need help". (more »)
The Broken Dolls
By , Augusta, ME
The Bully       From the moment my horrible words entered her ears, Juliet was done, finished, dead. She was a walking corpse. And so was I, because the moment Juliet Harris decided to leave this world, I was no longer Sophia... (more »)
Dear Derrik...
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Dear Derrik, I’m sorry. You probably don’t remember me. I don’t even know where you live. You moved away years ago. Probably never looked back. I wouldn’t blame you. It’s Callie, from your... (more »)
Words Stay Forever
By , -, Australia
"Do you have OCD?" "No" "Why is everything so perfect then?" "Because" He pushes my things as he leaves. finally he's gone. I fix my things put them back the way they were. They laugh at me from the other side of the room. The teacher... (more »)
Standing Idly By
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There are a lot of things in my life that I would change in a heartbeat. Let’s go back to the day when I stood idly by and watched as bad things happened. It all began when I hit 6th grade; everything changed. I went from 5th grade... (more »)
Why Bully?
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Why must people have to bully other people? Is it to make their own self feel better about themselves. It must be the rewarding feeling they must receive from lowering someone else self-esteem. No it is because the bully feels weak inside. They... (more »)
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Stop the Hate
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Not everyone gets a chance to tell their story but I am taking the turn to share mine. Now it’s not one of those where I have suffered from a terrible life or death situation but it is one where I have realized that it gets better... (more »)
Words Kill
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"Why are you even here, no one likes you."       She goes home pretends it's ok. Next morning she's found in her room wrists sliced. Huge blood stain next to her where she is with no life on... (more »)
The Girl I Was, The Girl I Am
By , stroudsburg, PA
I once had a friend, she was happy, smiled, had the prettiest eyes and best of all, she always was there for everyone. She was determined for everyone to be happy. She could not let anyone down, no matter what. Every day she would ask everyone... (more »)
Red Stains the Way to Control
By , West Newton, PA
Let me take this blade, dear God, and write my story upon my flesh. Let me be a living, breathing canvas for you. If blood stains, allow me to feel fearless during my time of weakness until the pain passes. I'm trembling, painfully, allowing the... (more »)
Including All People
Dear High School Staff and Student I just want everyone to be aware with our society has come to and how we can change it.  A lot of people now days just care about only themselves and people that are close in their lives, what people don’t... (more »)
Bullying. It is one of the most common and intense problems among teenagers all around the world. Whether it’s physical bullying, verbal bullying, or cyber bullying, the malicious belittling must come to an end at once. I first noticed... (more »)
Not it
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My friends and I definitely weren't what you'd consider the “populars” of the school. We never felt compelled to party every weekend with boys or break school dress code to wear expensive short-shorts and glittery cut-off tops. That wasn't... (more »)
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I walk down the hallway of the high school, when a shove sends me face first to someone’s locker. See you later, dyke, I hear someone shout. There's an intense pain and my nose is dripping blood onto the floor so I run to the... (more »)
The Borders of Sanity
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I'm climbing these walls so steep and slick with rain. My grip loosens, my fingers ache, and I'm forced to let go. I'm gliding down, fast like a falling star, and I'm burning. But I stop abruptly as my hands find a spot to hold against the... (more »)
Death By Chance
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Every single word they say. It sinks in, they may not realize, but we hear every word. Every letter is a bullet piercing into our souls. Only some people realize what I mean by this. Some people will go after reading this and do the exact thing... (more »)
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