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Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

Message To My Dearest, Most Wonderful, Haters
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“Do you know what I find funny? The fact that you though that your devilish grin, your mocking smile, your deep animosity would somehow even the slightest bit hinder my progress. Heh, even thinking about it, for a split second is a waste... (more »)
Cyberbullying Prevention
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This is a response to “Meet Facebook’s Mr. Nice: At Facebook, Creating Empathy Among Cyberbullying” by Nick Bilton, and “Social Networking Sites Cannot Be Blamed For Bullying” by Kate Harding.   Life in the 21st Century can often... (more »)
We Are All The Same
By , westfield, MA
I know this is something that everyone finds boring and annoying to talk about, but please. Stop and listen. This is very important. No matter how unimportant it may seem to you, just listen.   I have been bullied before,... (more »)
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Bullying is defined as the act of torturing people who appear to be weak in the eyes of many but to me i wonder why bully. Bullying mostly exist in high schools and some private college,and is sometimes over looked cause of the parties involved... (more »)
Is It Worth It?
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Dear.. No let me rephrase that.  Bullies,  You see that girl with the scars all over her skinny arms and meatless body? You see the boy sneaking into the bathroom with his hand balled into a fist? That small girl that you... (more »)
Can We Stop Bullying?
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Bullies are everywhere. They are on the internet. They are at school. They are in our family. They are even at the church you might go to.  Bullies, can be you or me.  I was bullied when I went to school. I was not skinny enough. I was not... (more »)
We Are One
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So many times I've seen acts of bullying, and all those times, no serious, if any, measurements were taken. It scares me to think that there are people out there, waiting on you to make mistakes, so that they can unleash whatever anger or distress... (more »)
Teen Ink Interviews Andre Bellos for the 1st...
Teen Ink interviews Andre Bellos for the 1st time in 2 years! We’ve known you for years Andre and your evolution has been remarkable, were glad to have you back! Aww, Thank you Teen Ink 1. Let’s start right at the top! Back in February... (more »)
The Shatter of Sanity
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Friends washed away. I spoke up but no one listened. I cried but they thought I was being dramatic. I cut because I couldn’t take it. They thought I wanted attention. I drowned in pain; it was his word against mine. I cannot even... (more »)
I Didn't Mean to Be the Bully
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“Did u hear about jessie? Shes an emo freak.” I typed into the chat box. I laughed. My friend Jessie always dawned dark clothing and spoke of poetry and the meaning of life. It’s what made her unique. Our other friend Alexis had taken to... (more »)
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Let's Play King This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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We were just little boys. We played games, we teased each other, and we didn't have any worries. At school we were all the best of friends. We played football together on the playground every day, the seven of us. Then out of the blue, it... (more »)
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Caved In
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We all feel insecure one way or another You hate it, I hate it You don't want to keep feeling this way They call you ugly, fat, a nerd, weirdo Won't nobody love you for you Are there people in this world that... (more »)
Gay Code
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How To Be Gay -Try to look decent at least at all times. ( If you don’t at least look decent you most likely are one of the gays who don’t act like it or the ones who are gay because no women want them.) -Always be proper, if... (more »)
My View on Bullying
By , Arab, AL
Bullying is one of the biggest problems in the world. You should be kind to everyone. You never know what your actions may cause. I think it's important to give compliments, and not give hate. Show some love. xoxo (more »)
What Happened to Acceptance?
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What happened to accepting people for who they are? What happened to embracing people differences and coming together? Believe it or not, we are on the rise of more bullies each day. Social media doesn't help either.    There's more than... (more »)
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I live in a world where being a size “0” is the definition of beautiful. Where starving your self was the new “trend” of the year. I live in a world where being bullied is a part of your everyday life, where kids of all ages commit... (more »)
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