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April 22, 2018
By Mark Wilson BRONZE, Díli, Other
Mark Wilson BRONZE, Díli, Other
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Hi! My name is Marco, I am 14 and I'm a Timorese.

I don't know how can I describe myself, because I'm not the same in every situation. I don't communicate much with my parents and my brothers, but I do the opposite with my cousins. In school, I only have 3 friends but they don't really understand about myself.

I was bullied for almost everyday, but I'm trying to avoid it. My 3 friends think that this is not serious, but the people who enjoy me continue ro do the same thing. They bully me because of my body. I am too skinny and ugly, and also by my psychological caracterization - I am too quiet and always ignore them. I always wanted my parents to know about it but they are to busy they thought I was always fine. I know there are many ways that can help me get out of this but I can't do it. They are smarter than I know. I just hope that someone can stop this. I hope that everyone comes together to fight against the bullying.

The author's comments:

I hope that someone can make a difference.

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