My Opinion on Bullying

February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Bullying is a big issue in this generation, in fact it is the most popular things in the public schools. In my opinion i see bullying as a pointless thing . Why do people bully others, thats a big question. My answer to that is that those who bully others are looking to gain a feeling of power, purpose and control over you. What happens is, we, as the people experiencing bullying, start to internalise it and we become self-critical. We want to understand the reasons why we are being targeted and we start to blame ourselves.


So we go ahead and let it get to us and even take it as far as to change our appearance.

I as one doesn't think people should change their ways to please others and most times these things lead to suicide, in schools when kids get bullied their minds aren't fully developed so the first option in their minds is to go and end their lives, 50% of the time the bullies will tell them to just “kill yourself’ nobody will miss you. No matter how you look you are a gem in the eyes of your parents and the lord, if someone can't appreciate that then they are just too ignorant to understand.Life does always revolve around bullies, most time i think they have the most troubled lives. The people they are around bully them so they come into the public and do it to the innocent.
I chose this topic because i know a lot of kids that get bullied, even though none of them tried killing themselves i know that they think of it.SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION. We all know that bullying  is an intentional behavior that hurts, harms, or humiliates a student, either physically or emotionally, and can happen while at school, in the community, or online.


I think if you are getting bullied you should either, walk away,tell someone so the bully will stop, look the bully in the eye and tell him or her to stop, or just stay calm. If others see someone getting bullied they should take immediate action.If you cannot  intervene find somebody who can.  Separate the bully and the person being bullied, ask each person what happened, put them in each in separate, rooms work something out between them and talk to witnesses so that when you get both parties side of the story you have something to back you up with so that you can know who's lying from who isn't.



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