Just Me

December 11, 2017
By Anonymous

 I have made a horrible image for myself, the girl who will date any loser who walks up.




The to skinny girl who doesn't eat lunch just because she thinks she is too messy.



My life wasnt all so bad, in fact I had a chance to get a new image at a new school in a new state. But did I? Nope, just followed my exact steps again, but what for? Self worth? The ability to look in a mirror and say “I'm proud of who am?” No, I didn't get any of that.




I never noticed how much this all hurt. It wasn't till I meant my true friends, the people who will carry me when me fall. The guy who will do anything to make me smile. They changed my life, they made me, me.



When I get picked on, guess who's there? My friends.


I smile for no reason at all…..none. But I do because the people around me do. So just because you see the one girl who is picked on, bullied, or doesnt even look like they have self worth, remember me. You can make a change, you can turn someone's life from being hopeless, unwanted, and needy to happy and necessary.

You can make all the difference.

The author's comments:

I have been bullyed for 'big' ears, being the hopeless romantic, and being 'stupid'. But I met the best people in my life, I want to encourage others to be like them.

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