October 9, 2017

You probably read the title and said what’s that? Unfortunately, it’s a kind of racism we do and face everyday.

Ever passed by a group of people at school and said here are the failures? How do u know that they are all such failures? Your generalized belief just unfairly criticized some individuals that may not be like the rest.

Here’s another example, talking about a specific race in a bad way ; women aren’t smart as men for example. Your generalized idea literally abused all women .

Stereotyping isn’t always racism, actually it can be an advantage sometimes. It is helpful when we need to make snap judgements, when we don't have time to form a full impression of everyone we meet.

In a nutshell, never judge a book by its cover. Those individuals suffer injustice they deserve just because of the environment they were put in and may didn't even choose to be a part of it.

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