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May 22, 2017
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There is bullying going on all over the world, but we are leading that unnecessary act. Yes you heard that right, the United States has the most impact towards bullying. Bullying has been going on since the longest. There are so many different types of bullying but the most popular nowadays is cyberbullying, why? Well because bullies have the advantage of technology. Now the real question is, which is more affected by cyberbullying? Also, What type of social media's do cyberbullies use? But then again social media is not only used for cyberbullying. It is main purpose for social media is to interact with the world. There are different types of bullies; for example, there are physical bullies, cyber bullies, verbal bullies, and etc. On the internet, the most approached victims by cyberbullying are usually females. They are much more approachable than guys. The United States is the most affected with cyberbullying.

Of course social media is not only meant for cyberbullying. Social media is not always full of drama which leads to cyberbullying. Some believe….well an insane amount of people believe that it is easy to prevent cyberbullying by making your social medias private or even just ignore them, easy as that. But there are still young boys and girls that get bullied on the internet by cyberbullying. It is very serious because some have attempted to commit suicide or even worse, some have committed suicide. Social media/technology is ruining people’s lives. Social media isn’t the blame but social media needs to step up and prevent cyberbullying forever.

There is several social media that involve cyberbullying! “54% of young people have claimed that they have been bullied through facebook, which is the highest social media for having the most claims.” according to Gale student resources in context 2016.  Twitter is following very closely facebook for having the second most claims of young people getting bullied on their social media. Ask.FqM. is the is also very close behind this social medias. This resource proves that social medias are a huge cause of bullying. Similarly, Females are most likely to be bullied on social medias than guys. Overall social medias are such a huge factor in cyberbullying, there should be a way for social medias to prevent that.

Cyberbullying is not the only type of bullying that is a problem in the US. There is verbal bullying, physical bullying, and of course cyberbullying. Bullying is a huge problem in the US. Bullying can cause someone to take their life away. According to Gale student resources in context, 2016, People who are shy, withdrawn, or otherwise socially isolated are particular targets. That is sad how people just want to make somebody’s life miserable. Rumor bullying can even make someone’s day horrible or even worse….life. According to Gale student resource context, 2016. There is many ways that someone can be bullied, let’s prevent it.

There is thousands of young teens getting bullied all over the internet as well in person; the most approachable are females than guys. There is many different ways of bullying, for example: Cyber Bullying, Verbal bullying, Physical bullying, and etc. Females are the ones that get bullied the most over guys. Facebook is the number one social media that is leading in cyber bullying claims followed by Twitter. The point is, there is thousands of young kids, maybe even millions getting bullied in someway throughout the USA.

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