Never Test Your Older Brother

November 14, 2016
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If you have an older brother that is older or bigger than you don’t attack him. I learned this the hard way by pain, suffering, and shortness of breath.


So one day me and my brother were playing Fifa and obviously I was winning so i hit him and called him a dork because why not. He didn’t take that very well so he stood up and chased me around my house telling me he was going to kill me. I kept running away for a couple minutes but it was no point. He just caught up to me but I punched him again. Worst choice ever because he picked up an xbox controller and chucked it at me it hit me in the face. It hurt alot, when I was laying there in pain he ran up and sat on me. It hurt bad i couldn’t breath. He just sat there until my mom came and made him get off. Then when he got up he put his hands on my stomach and pushed down do put himself up. It hurt alot, so i decided to not mock him after I destroyed him in Fifa. Another time I made fun of him and on the way home from a duck game he just started to punch me over and over again. My arm started to tingle and i had about 10 bruises. Another time I took my brothers favorite socker ball and threw it and rocks.Bad choice he punched me in the face and sat on me some more. He also took one of my video games and threw it at a bunch of rocks. It didn’t break I don’t know how. And a lot of times we playthis game for 2 for flinching and I always flinch so I get punched a lot then too. So ya my arms are usually very bruised. 


In conclusion never mess with your older brother because they can be real jerks. Also not all brothers are mean only older ones. They can give you pain suffering and shortness of breath. 

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pokurmom said...
Nov. 17, 2016 at 12:57 pm
this was a very interesting piece and it made me laugh
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