November 8, 2016

Although I was a pretty nice kindergartener, there was this one fifth grader, who just didn't like me At all. “Hey Bowman!! Come back here!! I’ma Beat you to the gall dang black top!!” “What did I ever do to you tho?” I yelled. “Cut that smack top, Bowman. You know what you did!”

But I did not know what I had done.

The day was very hot, the black top, looking like charcoal. The grass looked yellow, and had a crispy look to it. I was running away from him, heading towards the shaky, small, blueish looking playground.  “Woooooooooooow. Ya really think you can hide from me? You is crazy!!” I tried to run as fast as I can towards the playground, trying to avoid his big fluffy face. Then I stopped, turned and hid from him. I was hiding in a plastic tube, the ones you see with bumpy ridges on top, just spewing out of the ground. I could hear my heartbeat out of my chest, and the tube absorbs a tremendous amount of heat, which you can probably tell if you were looking at my drenched face. “Come out Bowman! I just want to play” i thought i just peed my pants. Oh wait, I did. My blue Nike shorts were already wet though, due to the hot weather. “Well, well, well. Look who I have here,” he snarled. He started to crack his knuckles like he was trying to be the tough guy you see in those cheesy movies.

Suddenly, for no reason, I started to scream so loud, the echo was ringing in the inside of the tunnel. He grabbed me by the wrist and shook me upright. “Please Don’t hurt me!” I whined. My heart was pounding and i was exploding with fear. “Well guess what? I gon’ beat ya’ up!” He said. “I swear brandon, if you beat me up I am gonna tell the principle and you are gonna die!”  sadly, my threat just made him blow up in an annoying giggle that made me want him to hurry up and kill me to end his corrupted giggle.

“Too bad Bowman! This gon’ be revenge!” he let go of me with a jolt, took a step back cracked his knuckles again, and was getting ready to blow the biggest punch he can possibly do. I saw my life flash before my eyes.


“Watch out! Here I come!” Yelled Brandon.

I decided to grab the nearest thing around me. I didn’t know what it was, but i decided to throw it at brandon. *THUNK*  then, I opened my eyes to see a dream come true. Brandon lying on the ground motionless, “Take that brandon!” No response. But that didn't matter. I felt like my own hero. I was supposed to walk home, but it started to rain. I couldn't seem to understand how it will be possible after such a hot day to start raining, but that didn't matter because the rain was still pretty hot.

That night, I couldn't sleep. Who knew what happened to Brandon. Maybe he could be still lying there, motionless. I heard my mom’s footsteps coming to my room. She came in my room, leaning on the door.


“What?”  her eyes looked fictional. Her face looked pale, and white. Her mouth opened with only words to come out. The worst words you can ever hear in your life.

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