Death By Chance

November 17, 2014
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Every single word they say. It sinks in, they may not realize, but we hear every word. Every letter is a bullet piercing into our souls. Only some people realize what I mean by this. Some people will go after reading this and do the exact thing I am trying to prevent. They will shoot another victim, until one day someone will shoot the final bullet. Until one day no one will be left but the shooters. The human race is full of cold-blooded murderers, people who are seeking power. Some are even willing to kill, just to become the best.  Is that not pathetic? What we have allowed ourselves to become? Just stop for a second, think, what could you have done today to not shoot another bullet at someone. We all could make society a much better place, we just have to make a change, and at the rate we all are, that shall never happen. You know it, your best friend knows it, your neighbor knows it, everyone knows that we are all killers. Maybe not yet have we realized this, but in the end we all helped kill each other, to destroy society. To destroy each other. To give each other a death by chance.

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