You Are Amazing

April 23, 2014
You are amazing. The sun shines for you, the stars hold your memories, the wind whispers of your triumphs, and the sky cares so much about you that it cries when you are sad… The grass gladly bows beneath your feet as the birds sing, hoping to impress you. So the next time you are bullied, walk the other way with your head held high. The only reason they try to bring you down is because you are higher than them. Think of the happiest thing the stars can give you and exile the dementors. Keep doing what you love. Keep being unique and different, no matter what other people say. Do the things that make you happy. Do something you love. You don’t wake up any day to impress anyone, but yourself. You should always Love yourself, you should always Be Yourself, and you should always always always Believe in yourself. You are amazing.

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