Different Worlds, Different Reasons

February 13, 2014
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As I look in the mirror I realize I'm a monster. Not the kind that hide in the closet or the ones that lurk underneath the bed. But the type of monster that hurts others and bullies. In the mirror I see the boy that I've beaten. He cringes away from me, bruises mask his face and arms and legs. I look down at my own hands and find them ready. Not for him, but for my own horror waiting for me as I leave this room. I await to be beaten myself, by belts and fists.
As I look into the mirror I see a broken boy. he cringes into the wall, holding his books out to shield his face from the bullies fists. I look down at myself and see bruises, cuts, and dirt patches on my body. I look in the mirror and see the bully, anger so unknown to me that I almost believe he is doing this because he's bullied himself.
From different worlds, nearly. For different reasons.
One bullies the ones around him to forget about his own inner pain. The other sees the pain and is beaten for it.
So different, yet... so very alike.

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