Time is falling but your love is there

December 27, 2013
Adrianna Marie is the name n my house is where i stay. There's people here who just don't know me but want to keep judging me like I'm nothing. but i just keep my head up and just keep getting through my day. I feel as if they just don't understand the way I feel or the way i am.
As I am the only one here it feels like I'm going to die, I feel like I'm nothing, nothing at all. Then I hear a voice in my ear say "there's been a change in the way I look, I look at you as if there I see the most beautiful person in the world." That's when i feel the tears start running down my cheeks, knowing that the man I love now know's me and want's to help me and know why, why everyone treated me the way they did? Then he said, "I understand you and want to help you they don't know what their missing out on, what they would've had from me. They could have had the best time of their life.

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