? Stand tall, and stay strong ?

November 22, 2013
Have you ever been bullied,
Felt like you worth nothing in the world.
Felt that you were a disapointment.
Wanted to die.
You felt like no one understood you.
When in relaity you just feel hurt, lost, abandoned, scared, angry.
Felt the urge to cut.
Because someone was bullying you.
You don't have to take it.
You are worth so much more than what they tell you,
you are NOT a disappointment,
you're a miricle.
No one hates you,
The only reason they are bullying you, is because the feel low and bad about themselves.
Don't let what they say get to you.
They have no meaning in your life, so why should their opinion matter?
Why should you have to live up to their exspectations? Why should you live to make them happy, when
you should be living to make YOU happy! Who cares what they think.
There just saying the stuff they do too look cool. When they look chidlish and pathetic. Your stronger, and better than that.
Stand Tall, And Stay Strong.?

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