Bullying, First Hand

November 16, 2013
My name is Angel and I've been bullied my entire life. People who think bullying is something you can do for fun; you're wrong. It hurts the person you're bullying physically and emotionally.

When I was in fourth grade, I was the victim of physically bullying and teasing. It got to the point where I would run home as fast as I could from my bus stop just to avoid the girls who bullied me every day. Not like that stopped them from bullying and teasing me at school. They called me mean names and hit me, break my glasses and break my things or rip up my homework.

I never told my mom or dad or my older brothers about this because I was afraid it would only make things worse. I realize now I should've told someone and it would've put an end to thing earlier, but being only eight or nine I didn't know. I remember hiding in the girl's bathroom stall during lunch.

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