Mad World

October 2, 2013
Come look inside my twisted mind;
scars run deep, horrors you’ll find.
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m insane,
my life is tied up in ribbons of pain.

Made some bad decisions once or twice.
Welcome to my f*ed-up life.
I’m so tired of this messed up game,
you and me; we’re all the same.

Slit your wrists, pull the gun,
swallow the pills; hell has won.
Whispers of voices in my head
tell me that I’m better off dead.

Never loved and never wanted;
I turn and face death, undaunted.
Tomorrow you’ll find me still and cold,
for the devil has me in his hold.

Some will stare and some will cry,
but they’ll all pretend they didn’t know I’d die.
An innocent child disappears in a whirl;
she was mommy’s angel and daddy’s little girl.

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