It Can Be Stopped.. or at least subdued.

October 1, 2013
So here's the thing.
You probably don't know me.
That quiet girl that sits at the back of the class? Yup, that's me.
Here's another thing about me you wouldn't guess. I'm bullied. Daily. Beaten sometimes. It hurts. Why am I bullied? For the same reason everyone else is. To make the bully feel in control and good about themselves. Because no one misses me when I'm gone. Not even my parents. I was a "mistake". According to them. I used to be fat. The politically correct term would be obese. But lets go with fat. I was made fun of forever. So I lost weight. I completely changed who I was to be more socially acceptable. Now I'm practically a twig. And I'm still bullied. Why? Because I’m so small no one will remember me. Let's go back to me being a mistake. I don't believe I'm a mistake. No one's truly a mistake. And because I believe that, no I will not be committing suicide any time soon. I am a strong person. It still hurts. Used to be, I was bullied for my weight. Now I'm bullied for complete lack thereof and for style. I mean come on, they're really reaching. But that's what bullies do. They use anything they can to make you feel insecure and bad about yourself. Have you ever been beaten? Let me just say it isn't always physical. It can be mental. I'm sure you already know this. It's called abuse people.
Another thing you didn't know about me: I no longer get bullied. Now I'm just forgotten. I don't have one friend. No one notices me. The teachers never pick me or say my name in roll call. But I don’t bother to correct them. It won’t change anything. My parents even act like I don’t exist. They cut me off. But I’ll survive with or without their help.
My name is Tamara or Tammy for short. But you wouldn't know that. Or me.
Maybe now that you've read this you'll stop being a bully, or at least stand up to one. Remember, the people being bullied don't really have a voice. Be their voice.

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