Realistic Bullying: From a Victim's View

September 25, 2013
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Recently, I signed up for a scholarship called The Bully Text. It sends you texts of different scenarios and you have to reply what you would do in the situations & at some point you invite friends to be a part of your anti-bullying act. At the end it asked me how the Bully Text has changed my thoughts about bullying; this was my response:

The Bully Text has not changed the way I think about the bullying that happens in my school. My reasoning is because I already know how severe bullying is; not just in my school, but world wide. Bullying has gotten way out of hand and the stereotype of bullies is different when compared to what REAL bullies are. Bullying nowadays is not picking someone up to stuff them into a trashcan and steal the victim's lunch money. Bullying nowadays is, in-fact, much more verbal and a lot of it happens through media such as the internet and text messaging, unlike the stereotype. Bullying is terrible, regardless of the circumstances and should never be tolerated. I don't believe the society will change, but I believe the society may get better if more people would take a stand and set the example; the right example. Stereotyping bullies is not helping, because most of the stereotypes I've seen are the same as bullies seen in movies, which are when bullies like to "beat people up" and steal their lunch or lunch money. Of course, the stereotype is showing that bullies tear people down and that bullies are careless, vicious people, but in all reality, the stereotype is out-of-date and frankly unrealistic for today's society. Today people say things to hurt someone's feelings, whether it's to that person's face or whether they are spreading rumors. Things that actually lead to suicide. Physical action is painful, but personally, I would rather get hit over and over again than to get called mean names every day. A bruise will go away, the memories won't. BUT being downgraded is humiliating, depressing, and more than likely it's not always as noticible to the people around; especially ones involved, like there are when rumors spread. At least if there's a fight, someone sees your pain and may step in to help you. That's not always the case, but it's pretty accurate and logical thinking if you ask me. People need to realize how something so "small" may internally hurt someone so terribly, whether it's teenagers OR adults.

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