Empty Eyes

September 20, 2013
“What happened? Was it an accident?” Dad said,
As his face was pressed against the side of the phone waiting for an answer to his question. He already knew the answer to but I don’t think he wanted to believe it.
“I wanted to die, I tried to kill myself. Life is to hard when you’re judged all the time for who you are. You will never be good enough. I will always be bullied and I can’t take it anymore.” She said,
My heart dropped when I heard that answer and dads did as well. How could somebody who has been so happy, so bright and cheerful there whole life try and do this? What were we missing? Sam age 15 had an overdose in the middle of the night. She took 14 of her sleeping meds and drank half a bottle of Nyquil. She didn’t want to wake up in the morning, she was hurting that bad. I guess I could see where it all started those weekend visits always wearing dark long sleeved shirts or those long baggy sweat shirts. I never told her that I still could see those “cat scratches” on her arms. I never said anything though. Maybe she wanted the attention. We got that call from the emergency room saying that she was okay. We were all relived. But having to be the one to tell your mom that her 15 year old daughter tried to commit suicide because of bullying was a hard thing to do. Our whole family got a huge scare over that. But she is doing a lot better knowing that her family supports her.
Im very happy that her attempt to end it all failed. Beause I would not be the same person I am today if I didn’t have her! Now her empty eyes don’t seem so empty. I guess you never know who really is depressed you can’t always see it. But being bullied could have taken my sisters life; it could have ruined the lives of another family. So may kids/teens have killed themselves over being bullied. When will it end?

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