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As I was going through my facebook news feed on the internet I tripped across a link about celebrities who used to get bullied before their stardom, so I opened the link. Now I knew about some celebrities who used to get bullied, but most of them came as a surprise to me.

Did you know that Lady Gaga was bullied for being ugly, having a fat nose and being annoying, Demi Lovato's demos were made fun of and people wrote hate petitions to her, Justin Timberlake was teased for not playing football and being into music, Tiger Woods was tied to a tree on his first day of school, Robert Pattinson used to be beaten up, during Victoria Beckham's school years she was thrown things at, pushed around and threatened to be beaten up, sometimes the girls of her boarding school put feces in Kate Middleton's bed, even Tom Cruise was pushed around by big tough guys, Ed Sheeran was bullied because he had red hair, Sandra Bullock faced bullying because she didn't dress cool like other kids, Megan Fox was bullied because of her acting dreams, Steven Spielberg was a nerd and got bullied for it, and these are just the very famous ones, there are so many more celebrities from different fields who got bullied. You role model, your crush, your favorite, anyone of them could have been bullied.

So now that I knew bullying is pretty natural in schools, I just searched for celebrities who had been bullies earlier, on google, but since google just jumbles up words and gets you the product, I got celebrities who used to get bullied again. After some intense search the closest I could come to celebrities who were bullies were some comedians and only two to three of them.

That got me thinking if the bullies have never ever earned enough success to turn into a celebrity or have the bully celebrities been hesitant in admitting to their deeds! Anyways this little research of mine revealed to me a simple human life truth, which is that your high school life or your personal problems dont determine what you become later in life. Everyone has problems . Some people, who aren't strong enough think of bullying as a way to let all their anxiety out. The other strong ones just go on with their lives hopping away form their problems and making life wonderful.

Now I thought of searching the celebrities who fought back with their bullies, but after some thought I realised that all of them had already done that, they have already defeated their bullies. Bullies might have been the rulers of our schools making restrictions for every weak kid, but now these bullies dont have a say in the world whereas the bullied ones can just set the trend wearing a meat dress. Eat it Bullies!

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VedangiMukdam said...
Sept. 28, 2013 at 12:17 am
Hey! I knew you would get selected! 
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