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Why Me?

September 18, 2013
By Elizabeth Gunter BRONZE, DeKalb, Missouri
Elizabeth Gunter BRONZE, DeKalb, Missouri
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“Why me?” This is a question that people ask themselves all the time. “Why do they choose to tease me? What have I done to them? I have never been mean or rude to them. What have I done to be treated like this?” Why me? Why me? Why me?” These are some questions many kids, teens, and young adults ask themselves every day. What people don’t realize when they say these things they aren’t alone; many people experience bullying every day. Some people have been bullied for as long as they can remember. Yes, you might be reading this and can relate, but what you need to realize that the only reason they make you feel like you’re invisible is because you are truly better and kinder than they are. You need to keep telling yourself that you are stronger, even if you might be the skinniest kid in the school. You are stronger; you just have to believe it for yourself.
We are all involved in bullying- whether you being the bully, the victim, or the bystander. We all have a big part in it. Bullying happens every day around us and we just don’t realize it because it happens so commonly 75% of kids that are bullied are the reason why school-shootings happen. Kids that bully don’t know how much damage they can do. We have seen schools get stronger forces at school to keep children and young adults safe. Bullying has affected everyone. People say that we can just stop bullying by just telling a teacher, but ¼th teachers don’t care and will only act to bullying reports 10% of the time.
I have been bullied. I can tell you it doesn’t feel good. There was this girl who cut herself and did horrible things. She said she did these things because she was bullied, but what she didn’t realize was that she was the bully. She was playing the poor-little-me act. She wanted attention and that’s exactly what she got. She said mean and nasty thing to others. She didn’t care what people said about her she just wanted people to keep talking about her. She craved attention. This is why many people are bullies today. Attention can change a person. Once they have it they just can’t get enough. Attention is like a drug to them, always wanting more. People don’t realize when they have had enough, or how bad it truly is for them.
There are so many people that run away from bullying. That might be an option, but wherever you go there will always be bullying happening around you. This is why we need to act stop to bullying whether that means calling the person out who is being the bully or even just becoming friends with the one that is being bullied. Bullying can really affect people’s lives. Some kids that are bullied become depressed and others have suicidal thoughts. I bet we all know someone who is bullied or has been bullied and we have just sat back and watched. You were probably thinking to yourself that if you try to help you will be the next victim, but it doesn’t always happen that way or sometimes the bully will be too embarrassed that he/she will just stop. Sometimes, yes, you might become the one next that is bullied, but at least you know that you tried to help someone when nobody went out of their way to stand up for them. We all need a little help at times. That is what life is about. You can’t do everything one your own no matter how independent you are. We need to understand how much bullying can hurt. I hope that you are reading this and seeing things you have never really noticed before. I hope that this article has really changed your life and makes you look at the world in a whole new way. Even if we stop one, two, or even thousands of bullies, just remember that it does make a difference.
Bullies use a lot of ways to bully people. There are a lot and, I mean a lot. They might pick on you and tease you emotional, physically, cyber bully you, use verbal bullying, indirect bullying, social alienation, intimidation, or even do it all. We see what they portray bullies on television as them always being they big tough jock and that they just will throw your books on the ground and push and shove you up against a locker. Bullies aren’t always like that they might be skinny. They might attack you on the internet, make up lies about you, and make people spread rumors about you. We have seen commercials, movies, and ads to help stop bullies. They are there to show the emotion and pain they have went through. No one wants to be treated so poorly. Many people come straight home after school and cry. They just cry. They think about what the world would be like if they weren’t around. They have these horrible thoughts just because that one person called them a nasty word. They know that the words they say aren’t true but they start believing them more and more each day. Have you ever heard, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But the truth is that sticks and stone can break your bones and words WILL hurt! People every day commit suicide just because of what they believe isn’t true.
We must understand how much it hurts. We need to stop just standing by and watching them get attacked and bullied. They have never done anything to harm anyone, but yet they are getting treated in an abominable way. We have to stop being the bully and bystander. My big question is. Why? Why do we do this? We need to stop hurting people in ways we can’t understand because some of you reading this might have never experienced bullying in a way that has had you think about ending it all. I hope this changes your life and the way you look at the world around you.

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I hope this article changes your life and makes you see the world differently.

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